Chaplain’s Notes

Year 12 Seminar Day

Our Year 12 students once again gathered for a Seminar Day organised by Mr Chris Church, Learning Area Team Leader — Religious Education. One group reflected on Courageous Discipleship – Facing Big Decisions in terms of their future choice of vocation. Further detail about this session can be found in the Deputy Principal’s Column.

The second group reflected on Women in our Lives with presenter Mr David Kobler. Recognising that our Year 12 men will soon emerge onto a new stage, Mr Kobler raised important questions about their understanding of what it means to be a man in our current society. He spoke about sexuality and relationships; self‐control and pornography, and their attitudes towards women, to help the students understand that the choices they make will have a huge influence on the men they become. The students engaged in group discussion and it was a great privilege to listen to the reflections they offered. How very proud you, as parents, should feel of these fine young men.

Year 8 Reflection Days

The inspiring Youth Ministry Team (YMT) are back at the College, this time with our Year 8 students. This year they are leading the boys through a series of activities, role playing, film clips and discussion centred on the topic of Knowing God. Year 8 students were invited to consider how they imagine God and how they might establish a living, meaningful relationship with a God who is love. 

First Reconciliation

Next Wednesday 31 May a number of students from Year 4, Year 5 and Year 7 will gather with their families in the Tiverton Chapel to receive the Sacrament of First Reconciliation. We take the opportunity to wish them well and ask that the community keep these boys and their families in your prayerful support.

Confirmation will be celebrated on Sunday 10 September at 11:00am. Mass at St Anthony’s Parish Church, Glen Huntly. Classes will commence next week.

First Communion will be celebrated on Sunday 19 November.

Mrs Joan Ferguson
College Chaplain

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