Chaplain’s Notes

Early Morning Liturgies

Year 7 Solomon, Hegarty, Benilde and Jerome have led our Tuesday and Wednesday morning liturgies for the past two weeks. The students gave us much to think about in response to God’s call. 7 Solomon celebrated “Freedom”, 7 Hegarty focused on “Social Justice”, 7 Benilde led us to pray for the “Poor and Homeless” and challenged us to respond to those in need, whilst 7 Jerome rejoiced in the gift of friendship in our lives.

It has been wonderful to not only witness the effort and reverence with which our students are leading the community in prayer, but also to see parents who have stayed and joined us. If you are dropping your son off at school on either a Tuesday or Wednesday morning, you are most welcome to join us in the Tiverton Chapel.

Information Night for Confirmation Candidates and Parents

Well done to the large number of candidates and parents who braved the cold to attend this night. To the parents — you are the first and most important person in your son’s spiritual journey and there is no doubt that your presence was a witness to your own commitment. At the conclusion of the evening, parents shared the hopes and prayers for their sons. It was a moving contribution.

Mrs Joan Ferguson
College Chaplain

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