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Staff and Operations

Mission Action Day (MAD) Awards

The annual MAD Awards were presented at the conclusion of the Founders Day Liturgy on Friday 12 May. Again this year the response from students and the wider community has been outstanding. The total collected now stands at nearly $100,000 with a small amount still to be returned. The MAD awards recognise a number of students who put in an exceptional effort to raise significant amounts of sponsorship money.

The following top fundraising students received a Certificate of Commendation from College Principal, Mr Peter Houlihan:

  • Joel Caruso (12, AUS06)
  • Evan Ferentinos (8 Dunstan)
  • Koby Maurice (7 Solomon)
  • Nicholas Sdralis (7 Dunstan)
  • Cameron Dennehy (12, LEO03)
  • William Roker (7 Solomon)
  • Michael Yuen (7 Hegarty)
  • Christopher Groves (12, EDW04)
  • Ewan Baulch (9 Roland)
  • Nicholas Nicolaou (10, LEO01)
  • James Biviano (12, EDW04)

For the third consecutive year, the highest individual fundraiser was Christian Mora (11, MAR03) who raised an amazing $1,700. Christian was presented with the Ian Oliver Mission Action Award. Mr Ian Oliver, who retired from the College in 2015, was a driving force behind the success of MAD.

The MAD raffle was also drawn at the Assembly. Students were allocated a raffle ticket for each $50 increment they raised. The major prize was a $200 JB Hi Fi voucher the runner up prize a $50 voucher. Raffles were drawn for each campus.

Congratulations to Kinnoull campus winners Julian Hopkins (10, LEO05) and Oliver Hart (12, LEO01) and Tiverton campus winners Scott Sisson (Y6) and Nathan Scollo (8 Vincent).

The final MAD activity for the year will be the MAD thank you lunch. The top 300 fundraisers will be invited to this lunch which will be held on Friday 30 June outside the Performing Arts Centre on Tiverton Campus.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal – Staff and Operations

Faith and Mission

Year 12 Yaluwo Immersion (previously Coolies)

You may recall from the Duce, Issue 5, College Principal, Mr Peter Houlihan wrote about the annual immersion experience to India, “Coolies”. After much consultation with various offices of the De La Salle Brothers, Lasallian Mission Council and the Lasallian Foundation the College will now be committing to supporting the needs of our Lasallian brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. This change takes us where the needs are equally as desperate and dire as those in India, however the change of country and culture will continue to grow the students’ understanding of the concept of “Lasallians Without Borders”. Further to this, Peter explained that after a recent visit to Sri Lanka during the Easter break, he met with Br Christy, the Provincial Leader for the Sri Lanka region and together they decided that a name change for the immersion was timely. The term “Coolies”, while having been used for all the right reasons for 11 years, does bring into the equation an adverse reference to colonial times when poor local labourers were used for the most arduous and lowest paid work.

I am pleased to announce that after some discussion with Br Christy, the new immersion program is called “Yaluwo” meaning friends, and it is truly felt that this new title is a most fitting and engaging theme for the Year 12 Immersion in Sri Lanka.

Congratulations to the following students and staff for their successful applications to take part in the 2017 Yaluwo Immersion to Sri Lanka. Whilst the process of application and interviews can take some time, it is also an incredibly heartening process to hear the applicants reasons for wanting to be involved in such a significant experience. Responses such as, “I want to give back in the same way my Lasallian education has given to me”, “For the first time I feel like I can really put in to action the message of St John Baptist de La Salle” and “I want to finish Year 12 knowing I made a difference” are just a few of the comments that come to mind.

I am very excited and feel very privileged to be leading the 2017 Yaluwo group, along with the support of Ms Clare Kennedy and Mr Noel Patterson. So as we begin our preparations and embark on this new journey, we pray that the experience fills our hearts and allows us to fulfill the mission set forth by our founder, St John Baptist de La Salle.

Year 12 Seminar Program

This week, the Year 12 students participated in their second Seminar Day this year.

The Year 12 Seminar Program is an opportunity to develop, nurture and form students’ faith. In addition, the program provides an opportunity for personal growth by reflecting and discussing the topics presented by guest speakers and unpacking the activities which follow. The seminars are guided by staff who have volunteered their time to become Seminar Leaders and their aim is to have the students develop an understanding of how to:

  • Look critically at their own generation, its world and its meaning within the context of a Catholic and Lasallian perspective.
  • Consider their own place in the world, their values and beliefs and how these will shape their actions and attitudes in the wider (post school) society.
  • Enhance their sense of personal spirituality through the use of prayer, reflection and discussion.

This week, I was privileged to be involved with the students and Seminar Leaders from St Edwin’s House and St Leo’s House as they participated in the second Seminar Day. The topic for the day was Courageous Discipleship – Facing Big Decisions.

Fr Nicholas Pearce from the Melbourne Archdiocese Vocations Office spoke to the students about hard decisions and the thoughts behind a religious vocation. While most of the students may not have previously considered a vocation of religious life, this engaging talk by Fr Pearce allowed them to understand why someone might consider choosing this life path and make such hard decisions.

The Year 12 Seminar Day allowed the students to come to a realisation that they too will need to make hard decisions throughout their life and that there are ways to handle these decisions. Thank you to Mr Chris Church, Learning Area Team Leader – Religious Education, for planning the day.

Year 8 Reflection Days

This week wraps up the last of the Year 8 Reflection Days. Once again we have been fortunate to have Youth Mission Team (YMT) run our Year 8 Reflection Days. The theme is God and Decision Making and in usual YMT style, the days have been vibrant and fun as well as allowing time for the students to listen, reflect, discuss and pray.

Date Core Groups Supervising R.E. Class Teachers
Wednesday 17 May 8 Hegarty and 8 Benilde Br Paul Toohey and Mr Gerard Barns
Wednesday 24 May 8 Vincent and 8 Jerome Mr David Happ
Friday 26 May 8 Roland, 8 Dunstan and 8 Solomon Mr Chris Church and Ms Nicola Mairs

Community Mass Reminder

This week’s Community Mass will be held at;
St Cecilia’s Church
Sunday 28 May, 10:00am
77 Hillside Parade, Glen Iris

All are invited to celebrate Eucharist with the De La Salle students and families from the St Cecilia’s Parish.

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission


High Performance Student Leadership Coaching

As part of the De La Salle’s ongoing commitment to our Student Leaders, we have contracted Mr Nathan Burke of Nathan Burke Consulting to deliver a series of high performance leadership coaching sessions to our Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 Student Leaders. I am very excited about the potential of this partnership. The training will be delivered over a series of three 90 minute workshops, designed to empower our leaders to realise their potential and to bond together effectively as brothers, and as a team. Nathan’s work has been described as inspiring and hard hitting. We hope these sessions will provide our leaders with great insight into working effectively in a team and championing change across the College.

Women in Leadership

On Thursday 11 May, several College staff attended the Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools Deputy Principals Association (VCSSDPA), Women in Leadership Dinner. The evening is always a great opportunity for Catholic school leaders to come together and network with colleagues – women and men – and listen to a speaker who has demonstrated leadership in her field. This year, the VCSSDPA welcomed Professor Lea Waters. Prof Waters has been named as one Australia’s 100 Women of Influence for 2015 in The Australian Financial Review. She was one of the eleven women awarded in the Social Enterprise and Not-For-Profit category.

A registered psychologist, Prof Waters was recognised for her contribution to the youth mental health field and her leadership in establishing the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne. Prof Waters is a champion of positive psychology and preparing children and young people to live flourishing lives. During her presentation she said, “For me, youth mental health is critical and I am eager to use this award to help raise public awareness. My aim is to ensure every young Australian is taught wellbeing skills at school. We need to educate our students about their mind and their heart.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Sport uniform

Students who continue to wear the old sports uniform are now in the overwhelming minority. Thank you to the parents who have moved to support the College in our endeavours to conclude a transition process that commenced in 2014. Students in Year 11 are now able to wear their sports uniform to and from school on a Wednesday if they are wearing the full navy blue uniform. Likewise, students in Year 12 are able to wear their sports uniform to and from school on a Wednesday. I would like to emphasise that this privilege comes with certain responsibilities. Students are not permitted to mix and match their sports uniform with other casual clothes. Students are responsible for wearing their sports uniform with pride, especially in the public domain. Students who fail to attend to their basic grooming will have this privilege revoked. The uniform guidelines are available on our website, and a PDF of the College’s Student Uniform Policy can be accessed here.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal – Students

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