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Medical Certificates

Medical and/or dental appointments should be made before or after school hours. If this is not possible, students should arrange appointments so as to minimise time away from school. The Class/House Mentor, and Year Level/House Coordinator should be notified in writing, if this is necessary. Following an absence, students are reminded to obtain a Medical Certificate, especially in instances when they have missed a test or an assessment deadline. All Medical Certificates should be passed on to the Year Level/House Coordinator and these will be forwarded on to the Administration Department to be placed on the student’s file. Please note, VCE students are also required to bring a Medical Certificate, issued on the day of absence, if they miss a SAC.

Route 6 Tram

The College received a phone call from a member of the public late last week regarding the actions of our students particularly on the Route 6 tram coming from Glen Iris. The caller explained that there is a large number of boys who do not offer their seats to members of the public who may be in need of a seat. The caller noted that younger De La Salle students have been seen to offer their seats; however, the Year 12 students (differentiated by their tie) are not as courteous and tend to joke about offering a seat rather than doing so. The actions of this minority do not represent the values of our five core Lasallian principles. Please talk to your son about appropriate etiquette on public transport and encourage your son to offer his seat to senior travellers or others with greater need.

School Leavers Week (Schoolies) 2017 and Parental Advice for Adolescent Alcohol Use

For many of our Year 12 students, ‘Schoolies’ is a time to celebrate a milestone in their lives, but this shouldn’t mean attending events that may impact health and safety or cause problems for the communities they decide to visit. Talking to your son about the risks associated with alcohol is an important step in reducing the risk of alcohol-related harm.

For advice to help prevent or reduce adolescent alcohol use, parents are referred to the National Health Medical Research Council (NHMRC) guidelines: Parenting Strategies: Preventing Adolescent Alcohol Misuse. If your son is likely to visit Victorian coastal regions during Schoolies, you are encouraged to visit their official website for registration and safety tips:

Here are some tips and advice for preparing your son for Schoolies:

  • Start the conversation about Schoolies early;
  • Set reasonable expectations for your son;
  • Talk to your son about alcohol and drugs;
  • Encourage your son to register with Good Times Great Breaks.

Updated Child Safety Policies: Reportable Conduct

Significant legislative changes pertaining to child safety came into effect 1 July 2017. This adjusted legislation has required our policies to be reviewed incorporating an explanation of where, when and to whom reports should be made.

On 23 February 2017, the Children Legislations Amendment (Reportable Conduct) Act 2017 passed Victoria’s Parliament. This Act makes significant amendments to the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005, including the establishment of a Reportable Conduct Scheme in Victoria. The scheme is designed to improve oversight of how organisations respond to allegations of child abuse and child-related misconduct by workers and volunteers.

I would encourage you to read our updated policies pertaining to child safety on our College website. Please make contact if you would like to discuss this further.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal – Students

Faith and Mission

The Feast of the Assumption Of Mary

On Tuesday 15 August, staff and students gathered in the Gymnasium in preparation for the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. The prayer service was respectfully led by our College Captain, James Biviano and the five Lasallian Captains; Joel Caruso, Christopher Groves, Oliver Hart, Peter Nikitas and Anthony Ticinovic. The Feast of the Assumption is one of the oldest feasts in the Church that celebrates Mary, the mother of Jesus. As a Catholic community, we gathered together to pray and reflect on the example of Mary. From Luke’s Gospel, we reflected on the story of the Visitation when Mary went to see her cousin Elizabeth and share her joy in God’s faith in her. We see in Mary a woman of faith: she put her whole life on the line for God who asked her to be the mother of his Son.

St John Baptist de La Salle reminds us that:

when the angel (Gabriel) declares to Mary that she is the Mother of God, and honours her as such… (Mary), has no other reply except that she is the servant of the Lord… May all the graces God gives us, no matter how remarkable they may be, incline us also to be humble ourselves.” (Med 112.1)

Mary is a woman who made a very strong choice for God in her life, whose vocation, like ours, was to bring Christ to the world. She is the one who now lives with God, as we one day hope to, fully alive in the love and in the life of eternity.

Our prayer service was supported by our music staff Ms Cindy Frost, Ms Kelly Williams and Mr Andrew Murrell with beautiful recitals of Hail Mary, Gentle Woman and the Ave Maria.

Official De La Salle College Prayer

It was with great anticipation that at the conclusion of the prayer service for The Feast of the Assumption, College Captain, James Biviano, presented to the College community, the new and official College Prayer.

In the 105 year history of the College, there has not previously been an official College prayer. Throughout the course of Term 2, I met several times with James as College Captain, the two College Vice-Captains, Aaron Trusler and Leon Lymbouris and the five Lasallian Captains, Joel Caruso, Christopher Groves, Oliver Hart, Peter Nikitas and Anthony Ticinovic as we workshopped, wordsmithed and developed an official College prayer. The process went through many stages, including feedback from Principal Peter Houlihan as well as the De La Salle Brothers Community, Malvern before the final draft was decided.

It was an incredibly heartening occasion, particularly the way it was presented to the College community. As Lasallians, we are called to live by the spirit of faith, to touch the hearts of those in our care, and in the words of the Founder St John Baptist de La Salle we are, “called to hold prayer in high esteem.” Tuesday’s prayer service was certainly a demonstration of all of this — a true celebration of our faith, our Lasallian identity and commitment to the De La Salle College community.

We encourage you to read College Captain James Biviano’s speech and our official College Prayer in full.

Catholic Social Teaching — Year 6 Student Work

I was inspired recently by the work taking place in our Primary area when I visited the Year 6 class. I discovered that as a part of their Religious Education work, the Year 6 students were learning about Catholic Social Teaching with a specific focus on Fair Trade.

As I listened to the various things the Year 6 students were learning, I was presented with the work of one particular student, Oscar Sahin. Oscar’s story book is a testament to the work currently being done in Year 6 under the guidance of Mrs Katherine Aldcroft and Mrs Anette Phillips. It is clear that the true message of service, having a Lasallian heart and what it means to be compassionate by showing concern for the poor is being reflected in the work of the students.

Written and illustrated by Oscar, please follow the link to read his story “Little Sam Learns His Lesson” 

Oscar Sahin's Book - Little Sam Learns his Lesson

St Columba’s Community Mass

On Sunday 6 August, students from De La Salle attended mass at St Columba’s in Elwood to share in the Eucharist with the St Columba’s community. It was a warm and welcoming celebration of mass and a wonderful opportunity for students to re-connect with the Parish.

Fr John invited one of our students to write a reflection as a part of the homily on the topic, “As De La Salle students, what are we doing in our lives and at school to act in the way of Jesus?” Year 12 student Elijah Kingsley took up the invitation. Please follow the link to read an extract from Elijah’s beautiful reflection.

Lasallian Youth Ministry Team

It is wonderful to have access to a wonderful group of committed Lasallians who finding meaning and purpose in running formation opportunities for the students in our schools. The Lasallian Youth Ministry Team dedicate themselves to running our many Reflection Days, as well as reconnecting frequently with our College Leaders to support their faith journey as Lasallian Leaders. In the past few months, Phillippe, Jordan, Sebastian and Stef have found the time to reconnect (either via Skype or in person), with our College Captain, James and our two College Vice-Captains, Aaron and Leon, ensuring that in same way as St John Baptist de La Salle, they are bringing Christ to the lives of our young men.

Aaron, James and Leon on a Skype call with the Lasallian Youth Team

Charitable Donations

Recently, we contacted all families in the College requesting their support by donating a range of non-perishable food items and toiletries. As always, this winter, there is again a real need to support families and individuals in need who are struggling and going without. Each one of us is called to do the work of Christ in our community, by taking the time to help where we can and in the words of St John Baptist de La Salle, “make Christ known to others.”

In the lead up to our Social Justice Mass at the end of Term 3, students will support the three following organisations;

  • Primary – St Joseph’s Outreach Centre, South Yarra
  • Years 7 to 9 – Sacred Heart Mission, St Kilda
  • Years 10 to 12 – Malvern Emergency Food Program

The generous support of our community and the donations you are able to provide is greatly appreciated.


Year 11 Reflection Days

Date Core Groups Supervising R.E. Class Teachers
Thursday, 31 August RE02207 Mrs Rana Brogan
RE02201 Ms Jessica Stevenson
RE02206 Mr Shane Mackintosh
RE 02204 Mrs Kath Marino
Friday, 1 September RE 02202 Mr Chris Church
RE 02203 Mrs Catherine Loft
RE 02205 Mr Graeme Lawler
11VRE01 Mr Graeme Lawler

Parents are reminded to please sign and return consent forms to their son’s R.E. class teacher.

Upcoming Community Masses

Sunday 17 September, 9:00am — St James Parish, Brighton

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

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