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Young Lasallian Leadership Program

Example makes a much greater impression than words”
St John Baptist de La Salle

Significant time, energy and effort has been invested in the development of our student leaders this year. In collaboration with the Lasallian Youth Ministry, a program was developed to support our Year 6 to Year 9 student leaders. Being a leader can be challenging.

The Young Lasallian Leadership Program began by posing the following questions:

  • Who is a leader in your life?
  • Who have been great leaders in history?
  • What makes someone a good leader?
  • If you could change anything about the world what would it be?

Being a leader is about understanding your strengths and being able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the people in your leadership team. When everyone works together and puts their strengths together they will become a successful team. It was fantastic to see the older students mentoring the younger students.

Young Lasallian Leadership Day Gallery and Student Reflections

I would like to extend my thanks to Mrs Anette Phillips, Director of Primary and Mr Luke Kenealy, Director of Students Years 4 – 9, for their support of the young men in their care and for their presence on the day.

R U OK? Day

Survey findings released on World Suicide Prevention Day on Sunday 10 September indicate that Australians have mixed attitudes and behaviours towards people who die by suicide, and an inaccurate understanding about suicide and its prevention. It may surprise you to learn that 30% of adolescents aged 12–20 have thought about suicide at some point in their lives (Orygen, 2015). In light of data like this, many of you would understand that just like physical fitness, mental fitness takes regular effort.

Good mental health allows our young men to deal with the changes and challenges life throws at them. Good mental health enables life to be lived in a positive and meaningful way. It includes things like being able to work and study, deal with day-to-day life stress, feel connected to others, be involved in activities in your community and ‘bounce back’ when things go wrong.

R U OK? Day emphasises that we are stronger together. Our College Leaders have been spreading an affirmative message of action; creating a more connected College community by encouraging regular, meaningful conversations between their peers. Here is a message to our community from College Captain, James Biviano:

I’ll start with a few quick facts on mental health, men make up 75% of suicides in Australia, and more woman seek suicide prevention help than men. Also one in every five men between 16 and 24 experience a level of mental illness and only 13% of people seek help for their mental illness. To quote Barack Obama, “Too many people who struggle with mental health illnesses are suffering in silence rather than seeking help.”

Why don’t men feel comfortable seeking help? I’ve heard people say it’s because there is a stigma associated with mental illness. We need to be strong and stoic as males; however, the main issue today is with young men thinking they are burdening their mates with their problems. By sharing what you are battling with your mates, it doesn’t pass a burden onto them but offers you a release to be yourself again. Ultimately this brings you closer to your mates, strengthening those bonds whilst maintaining your health. So it is a double win. Feeling awkward and exposed when sharing something personal is a natural response.

This is where R U OK? Day fits in. The day itself doesn’t hold much significance but the message it sends is of vital importance. When you are checking in with your mates, wait for the right time to approach them. Make sure you are in the right headspace and not distracted or stressed. Find a comfortable space and leave yourself time. A possible approach could be making a comment on any behavioural change that is evident. Maybe one of your mates has started to drink more than usual on the weekend or he may be starting to disengage at school. You could start by asking, what has been happening? Why do you think that is?

As a Year 12 community of brothers we have a duty to be mates to our mates, and to make sure they are travelling along well. We are lucky because we have an incredible network of support across the school. We have a group of mates who genuinely want the best for us.

James Biviano
College Captain

Beyond Blue Check In App

This app provides building blocks for how you would approach your friend and gives you a confidence boost to know what to do if your friend does need support. It helps young people plan a conversation; where they will have the conversation, what they will ask, what they have noticed and what they can do to support their friend. Young people also have the chance to rate the conversation through the app and get advice on the next steps in helping their friend while looking after their own mental health.


Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal – Students

Staff and Operations

Before/After School Supervision

Parents are reminded that students should not be at school before 8:20am or after 3:30pm due to supervision not in place before and after these times. This excludes students who are involved in supervised activities such as sports training or music ensembles. For parents of Primary students, St Joseph’s Primary School, Malvern has before and after school care facilities available. Please contact St Joseph’s (03) 9597 6300 for more information if you are interested.

Term Dates

Term 3 concludes with the Social Justice Mass on Friday 22 September at the normal time. Due to the Mass, there will be no Period 5 or Period 6 classes.

Term 4 commences on Monday 9 October and concludes for students and staff as follows:

Affects Date
Year 12 Friday 20 October (last day of classes)
Years 10 — 11 Friday 1 December
Years 4 — 9 Thursday 7 December
Teaching staff finish Friday 15 December
College office closes Friday 22 December

Staff Changes in Term 4

The following staff will be returning from leave:

  • Mr Shane Slavin
  • Mr Rob Hoich
  • Mr Chris Fleming
  • Mrs Susan Jost
  • Mrs Gemma Austin

The following staff are leaving after completing their replacement contracts:

  • Ms Michelle SantAngelo who was replacing Mr Shane Slavin
  • Mr Graham Haupt who was replacing Mr Rob Hoich
  • Mrs Roxanne James who was replacing Mr Chris Fleming

The following staff are on leave during some or all of Term 4:

  • Mr Chris Martin (on leave Term 4 replaced by Mr Matt Morris)
  • Mr Jeff Locke (on leave Term 4 replaced by Mr Ryan McDonagh)
  • Mr Tim Curran (on leave Term 4 replaced by Mr Michael Chippendale)
  • Mr Ray Leetham (on leave Term 4)
  • Mr Raj Rathinam (on leave Term 4)
  • Mrs Melanie Livera (on leave to 10 November)
  • Mrs Liz Phibbs (on leave to 20 October)
  • Mr Tom Ryan (on leave to 20 October)
  • Mr Bryan Hayes (on leave to 17 October)

Emergency Management Drill

Please note that as part of our Emergency Management Planning, the College will conduct a practice emergency drill in the week commencing Monday 18 September.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal – Staff and Operations

Faith and Mission

Lasallian Induction Session for New Staff

One of the opportunities for new staff to Lasallian schools is an induction program that runs over four sessions throughout the year. On Wednesday 6 September, De La Salle College hosted the third induction session for new staff to Lasallian schools; our own staff and those from St Bede’s College, St James College and St John’s Regional College.

The session focused on the work of the Lasallian Foundation, which was established in 2004 by the De La Salle Brothers, and supports development projects in the Asia Pacific region and more recently in South Sudan. The De La Salle Brothers have been committed to reaching out to the least, the last and the lost for over 330 years. Through the Lasallian charism and tradition there has been ongoing commitment to support young people and their communities in producing positive change for those who have little hope. In the same way as St John Baptist de La Salle, the Brothers commit themselves to the service of the poor, have always in view, the promotion of justice and those neglected by the rest of society. To take a view in favour of the poor, informed by faith, helps all Lasallians to recognise the inequities that exist in society. As Lasallians, we are all called to make it possible for the least, the last and the lost to live with dignity and to be open to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We were privileged to have Ms Miranda Chow, CEO of the Lasallian Foundation, to present the session and talk to us about the work of the foundation — providing basic facilities for children, young adults and teachers in underdeveloped countries. Miranda travels extensively for the Foundation identifying needs in the Asia Pacific countries where the De La Salle Brothers have a presence. Once projects have been established, she revisits the sites to assess progress and the use of the new facility and/or program.

Miranda was very clear in stating the appreciation the Lasallian Foundation has for the support of Lasallian schools in Australia through Mission Action Day and other fundraising events that support social justice initiatives both at home and overseas.

Sacrament of Confirmation

It was wonderful to see our Confirmation candidates make their Confirmation last Sunday 10 September at St Anthony’s Parish in Glen Huntly. We are fortunate at De La Salle College to have College Chaplain, Mrs Joan Ferguson prepare our boys for the sacraments. Congratulations to all the students and their families, and a special acknowledgement to Joan for all her work and commitment to the College Sacramental Program.

Community Mass this Sunday

This coming Sunday 17 September, we have our final Community Mass for the year at a “pop up” church in St James Parish in Brighton. 73 North Road, Brighton is the official Church address but access to the “pop up” church is off Murphy Street. Mass commences at 9:00am. Please join us!

A Prayer for R U OK? Day

Today, Thursday 14 September the College recognises the importance of R U OK? Day.

R U OK? Day is dedicated to reminding us to ask family, friends and colleagues the question, “R U OK?”. Connecting regularly and meaningfully is one of the most powerful things we can do to make a difference to anyone who might be struggling. Checking in, by asking a meaningful, honest R U OK? can really make a difference to the mental state of those we care about.

As Christians, we are called by Jesus to show love, care and compassion to all our brothers and sisters and when we care for others we are caring for Christ.


We pray that you bring comfort and relief to those who are troubled in mind and spirit.

Bring them hope, peace and the consolation of a loving community.

Grant patience and courage to the families and friends of those who are struggling and inspire us as we seek to overcome fear, acquire knowledge and advocate for compassionate and enlightened treatment and services.

We remember today all those who live in the depths of mental illness and pray that their perseverance is increased as they face challenges to recovery.

St John Baptist de La Salle – Pray for Us

Live Jesus in our Hearts — Forever

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

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