GLOBE designer spots De La Salle talent at the NGV

At the recent ACC Art and Design Exhibition hosted at Federation Square, a professional shoe designer, working for GLOBE International admired the work of Samuel De Stefanis, Class of 2016. The designer took a picture of Samuel’s design and shared it in his workplace.

Year 7 parent, Jason Boulter works for GLOBE International. Having heard the review of Samuel’s design, Jason contacted the College and on behalf of GLOBE, and extended an invitation for Samuel to attend a tour of the GLOBE headquarters in Port Melbourne and to meet some of the designers.

The Port Melbourne site is spectacular with an indoor ‘half pipe’ that has been used by professional skaters and has been used to produce advertisements and movie scenes.

Sam attended the tour and met some of the GLOBE shoe designers. Feedback received after this visit confirmed that the designers “were very impressed” and that they believe Samuel is a “great testament to his high school!”

On behalf of Samuel and the College, I would like to thank Jason and GLOBE for this fabulous opportunity.

Mrs Anette Phillips
Director of Primary

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