Important Notices

School Photos 2017 — Delay

Arthur Reed Photos have informed us that the delivery of school photos is still a couple of weeks away. Unfortunately, Arthur Reed Photos have had a machine breakdown and a replacement part on its way from Japan. De La Salle’s photos have been flagged as urgent and Arthur Reed Photos will endeavour to ship the photos to us as soon as they can.

Mission Action Day

MAD (Mission Action Day) is the annual fundraising event held by De La Salle College, and will this year be held on 31 March. It is well placed in the school calendar as the sponsor seeking period runs through Lent. It is the primary, if not exclusive, fundraising effort at the College through Semester One. For many students, it is the one and only fundraising cause with which they will personally engage.

The money raised goes towards Lasallian Mission projects in poor communities throughout South‐East Asia. It has evolved over the years from a variety of activities to its current format, a 13 kilometre walk along, or near, some sections of the Gardiners Creek walking trail. The students are asked to acquire sponsorship pledges through Term 1 and pay the sponsorship money in the first half of Term 2.

Boys are asked to make a big effort to finalise sponsorship pledges over the next three weeks to help us reach our target of exceeding last year’s total of $112,157. Donations can be made directly to students or alternatively you can donate online at:

All students are invited to put in that extra effort to ensure the success of Mission Action Day again this year.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal, Staff and Operations

2017 Student Residential Address Collection

On 18 April 2017, the College is required to provide a statement of addresses. Please refer to the notice from the Australian Government – Department of Education and Training (DET) for further information — Student Residential Address Collection Notice.

Ms Rachel Cicala
Development Manager

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