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Year 10 Geography Excursion

Over the past week, Year 10 Geography have carried out fieldwork at Melbourne Docklands as part of a unit on Environmental Change and Management. Leading up to this fieldwork, the students had completed an individual inquiry that required them to investigate a type of environmental change. The results of this inquiry were presented in digital format, reflected on and evaluated, encouraging the students to use skills that will be important for their future growth.

At Docklands we spent time looking at how this environment has changed from a former industrial wasteland to an area that caters for tourists, sports’ fans, concert goers, residents and workers. The boys observed, sketched, recorded information, took photos and evaluated how well this urban environment has achieved its aims.

A bonus for one of the classes was a photo opportunity with this year’s Brownlow Medal, courtesy of the aunt of one our present Year 10 Geographers. Outside AFL House, she recognised the ‘Blue and Gold’ and generously brought the medal out so that the boys could take photos. This day enabled the students to learn outside the classroom, work cooperatively with each other and experience what one student described as the “best excursion ever”.

Mrs Georgina Dwyer and Mr Ken Stokes
Year 10 Geography

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