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VCE Physical Education excursion to Exercise Research Australia

On Thursday 22 June, De La Salle students in Unit 3 and 4 VCE Physical Education went to Exercise Research Australia (ERA) in Thornbury. There they attended a session run by Dr Melissa Arkinstall and her team which helped to solidify learning in Energy System Interplay and Fatigue Mechanisms. From within the exercise laboratory, students were able to conduct a variety of tests including; VO2 Max treadmill tests, anaerobic capacity tests, fuel depletion analysis, dehydration level monitoring and calculating a blood lactate curve through a peak power test. Ultimately, the session helped students apply the knowledge they had gained throughout Unit 3. All of the students agreed that this session would be instrumental in their preparations for the end of year exam.

Mr David Alexander
Director of Learning and Development — Experiential Learning


Australian Geography Competition

Earlier in May, 35 students (three Year 8 students, two Year 10 students, nine Year 11 students and 21 Year 12 students) participated in the Australian Geography Competition, testing their knowledge and skills against students from all around Australia. The Competition is supported by The Royal Geographical Society of Queensland and the Australian Geographers Teachers’ Association.

We have a number of students that performed to a very high level in the Competition this year. Our top achievers are as follows:

Senior Level

  • Benjamin Paine (Year 12)

Junior Level

  • Cooper Ryan (Year 8)

Senior Level

  • Mark O’Connor (Year 12)
  • Samuel Field (Year 12)
  • Riley Glass (Year 11)
  • Joshua Paul (Year 11)

Junior Level

  • Cooper Johnstone (Year 8)

Senior Level

  • Declan Martin (Year 12)
  • Alexander Martin (Year 12)
  • Lachlan Kappa (Year 11)
  • Otis Pennington (Year 11)

Intermediate Level

  • Anthony Ryan (Year 10)

I would like to congratulate the students that demonstrated excellence and commend those who elected to participate in the Competition.

Miss Olivia Wenczel
Learning Area Team Leader – English

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