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The library is not just about online information. We have a wonderful collection of current fiction, which students and staff are encouraged to explore. The Tiverton collection focusses on current Australian, age-appropriate fiction, with an emphasis on titles that help enable an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia and sustainability. Although reading can always be for pleasure, there is no reason why it shouldn’t support students’ learning at the same time! Books can be found on the Library’s Infiniti catalogue, available on the Library Homepage.

We welcome recommendations and requests and encourage all readers to share their opinions via the Review button on Infiniti.

Book Week 2017 – “Escape to Everywhere”

Throughout Book Week this year (21- 25 August) we will be having a number of guests visiting us at De La Salle. The first to be announced is illustrator Mr Marc McBride, who is best known for illustrating the fantasy adventure series, Deltora Quest.

Mrs Susan Jost
College Librarian

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