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To Infiniti and beyond!

The De La Salle Library Homepage is your son’s homebase for research.

Our Library catalogue, Infiniti, is located here, and this allows students to search for books owned by the College and find recommended websites. Students can place reservations on titles they would like to read, and receive an email when the item is ready to pick up. The websites are “live”, so students can click directly on the link to access the website, secure in the knowledge that the site is content and age-appropriate.

Access to Infiniti is available from school, home and mobile. Library staff are available to assist students and staff who wish to make use of this valuable resource in the Tiverton Library daily from 8:00am — 4:00pm and the Kinnoull Library from 8:00am — 6:00pm Monday to Thursday and 8:00am — 5:00pm Friday.

Mrs Susan Jost
College Librarian

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