Music Notes

Rock Band Day

On Monday 18 September, a group of De La musicians headed to CBC St Kilda to learn more about their instruments and craft.

On the day, there were seven other ACC schools with kids from all kinds of musical backgrounds. We were split into groups according to our instruments where we got to hear from professional musicians what it is like to play music for a living. We were also taught many technical aspects such as technique and musical theory.

After a day of improving our skills and getting insight into what it takes to have a career in music, it finally came to the Battle of the Bands. Each school had one band representing them – every band was different so it was very interesting to see how much the musical styles changed from school to school. The De La band consisted of three Year 10’s and two Year 8’s who played a U2 classic – that really got the crowd going. This year we didn’t win the Battle of the Bands, but we learned so much about how to perform in front of a crowd which will definitely help us in the future.

It was a fantastic opportunity for our music students and we would like to thank Ms Williams for taking us on the day and Ms Frost for organising it.

Will Dwyer, 8 Benilde





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