Music Notes

The Annual Victorian School Music Festival

Band Festival Report 

Throughout the last couple of weeks, the Junior Band and Intermediate Band have been rehearsing two pieces: The Forgotten Village and Attack of the Zombie Trombones for the annual Victorian School Music Festival held at Deakin Edge, Federation Square in Melbourne City on Tuesday 14 November.

The two bands rehearsed these pieces alone but came together as one big band in preparation for this event. Each week we would cover small sections of the pieces to play the details written in the music such as dynamics, staccatos and the tempo. We would build on these techniques and with a few added rehearsals, the two pieces really came together on the last day.

After school on Tuesday, we headed out to the city by tram, after some last minute preparations and checks. Everyone was buzzing with excitement but also nerves as for quite a few, this was their first time performing for an audience like this and in front of leading music educators from Australia and overseas. Arriving at our destination of Flinders Street we stopped for rest, a head count and water purchases before our performance session at 4:30pm‑6:30pm.

As we arrived at Deakin Edge, students were eagerly awaiting to see other beginner bands from Carey Grammar, Eltham High School and Mentone Girls’ Grammar perform. Everyone was blown away by the other schools’ impressive orchestra of sounds but also a little bit intimidated by the sheer size of their bands, but that didn’t stop us from trying our best. When it was our time to prepare, we headed off stage to practice and tune our instruments before we headed back out to give it our all.

We played our two pieces with gusto and had an amazing range of sound in which impressed the adjudicators. After our own performance, one of the adjudicators came down to do a small workshop with the band to help with our technique and skills on the pieces to help us for the future along with posture and pitch.

It was an amazing experience for everyone especially for those who have only been learning for a short time and may have limited skills but got to strengthen them and develop new skills and lessons in front of a supportive audience but also play in competition conditions.

Huge thanks to Ms Kelly Williams, Mr Daniel Van Bergen and Mr Paul Coyle for their support, views and organisation for this event.

Emmett McCann, Captain of Junior Band

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