Parent Network News

Following the recent AGM, the members of the committee for 2018 are listed below. The President and Vice President positions are yet to be decided. The incoming committee is looking forward to continuing all the good work done by the Parent Network in 2017.

Cate Robertson is retiring as President but fortunately will remain, with all her expertise, as a general committee member. Eric Quitt, who has been the Vice President, is doing the same. Cate and Eric have been instrumental in driving the Mother’s and Father’s Day breakfasts. A special thanks must go out to them. They have provided exceptional leadership. Thanks also to the retiring general committee members Scott Barnett, Helen Groves and Liza Zago. All committee members give up their valuable time to enrich the De La Salle College community.

The Parent Network Committee members for 2018 are:

  • Linda Curnow
  • Nick Drossos
  • Sharon Herdman
  • Mary Martin
  • Anthony Muir
  • Eric Quitt
  • Cate Robertson
  • Sonya Ryan
  • Letecya Stacey
  • Melinda Rowe — Year Level Representatives’ Co‐ordinator
  • Anest Nicolaou — Treasurer
  • Meagan Selkirk — Secretary

The Year Level Representatives have added a layer of social engagement within each year level that is also extremely valuable to the parent community, so thank you to all the outgoing Reps. Finally, to all parents who have volunteered in any way during the year to assist at College or Parent Network events — another big Thank You.

Looking forward to a vibrant 2018!

Mrs Trish Woodman
Community Relations Officer

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