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The Memory Case — Year 7 and 8 Production with Sacré Cœur

The following report was written by William Dwyer, Year 8. William performed a solo guitar piece onstage and in the band along with Emmett John, Emmett McCann, Duncan Geddes, Cormac Flemming, William Ashton, Andre Mackie, and Kelvin Hocevar.

On 9 and 10 November De La Salle College and Sacré Cœur performed the Year 7 and 8 production called The Memory Case.

Written and directed by Ms Finn, The Memory Case is a story about a man’s (Arthur Allen Alexander) journey through life. Arthur Allan Alexander takes us on a wonderful journey around the world to places like Dunkirk and Brighton Beach, England. We get to see Arthur Allan Alexander grow into a man experiencing many emotions such sadness when having to leave behind his family behind in England and love when he meets his wife Edith.

The inspiration for memory case came from the spirit of Station Pier Melbourne, Finger Warf Woolloomooloo and Eilis Island New York. Each of these places witnessed the migration of men, women and children seeking refuge, peace and a new home.” – Ms Finn

After weeks of rehearsal, learning lines, choreography and music practice the night had finally arrived. In a packed‐out PAC the cast stepped in front of the spotlight and delivered an amazing junior production for the ages. The Memory Case was filled with many laughs and joyful moments but it still had a very good storyline that tapped into your emotions.

Both nights were absolutely fantastic and the whole cast/ musicians would like to thank all staff involved for all the time put into putting on this wonderful show especially Ms Finn, Ms Tilly Finn, Ms Williams and Mr Murrell.

William Dwyer, 8B

This email was sent to Principal Peter Houlihan after the performances.

Good Morning,

I just wanted to write to say last night’s junior musical was a sensational show and to offer my congratulations and heartfelt thanks to ALL the staff who helped to make it so.

The storyline was engaging because it was authentically Australian and really moving at times. The boys and girls were absolutely shining!

I know this doesn’t just magically happen. It takes skillful educators and hours of patience, dedication and energy. My own son is a shy fella and yet was able to say his part with confidence. He has grown through this experience. So huge thanks to all the people that were involved. Your good work is so appreciated.

All the best

Mum of Year 8 Student

Ms Kelly Williams
Music Department

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