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2017 School Year Starts

The Primary students Year 4 – Year 6 have had a great start to the school year and are settling well into their new classes. This year we welcome nineteen new Year 4 students, five new Year 5 students and two new Year 6 students to our community and welcome back all of those students who were part of our fabulous school in 2016. Mrs Katherine Aldcroft, our new Year 6 teacher comes to us with great experience. Mrs Aldcroft has most recently taught at St Mary’s Primary School, East Malvern and prior to that, Xavier College. She has already encouraged all students in Year 6 to aim high and do their very best. All of the Primary staff, teachers and LSO’s are ready for a terrific 2017.

Next week our Year 6 Leadership roles will be presented by the Year 6 students and then elected through a voting process involving all Year 4 – 6 students as well as Primary and specialist staff. We are impressed with the start to the year and have another promising group of young leaders. We are looking forward to the student leadership structure, thanks to Ms Lisa Harkin, Mr John McAlroy and Mr Luke Kenealy. The boys will elect from the Year 6 group of twenty-eight students a Primary Captain, Vice Captain and Class Captain as well as Four House Captains. It is going to be a wonderful year where we will watch the leadership skills of all Year 6 students develop and grow as they commence as leaders of the Primary years.

We are excited about what is ahead of us in 2017 and will continue to provide updates about what is happening in Primary as the year progresses.

Mrs Anette Phillips
Director of Primary School

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