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Congratulations to our 2017 School Leaders

The Year 6 students presented their speeches to all of Primary, Mr Luke Kenealy and Ms Lisa Harkin last Monday to prepare for the Primary Captain elections. They did an incredible job and we were very excited to hear how they plan to make a difference this year. All students (Year 4 – Year 6) then had the chance to vote for the Year 6 candidates, who were so very well prepared and made brilliant speeches. Every Year 6 student is considered a leader in 2017 and we are very proud of all that they have achieved. After ratification from Mr Peter Houlihan, Ms Lisa Harkin and Mr Luke Kenealy the following 2017 Primary Leaders were elected.

Role Student
Primary Captain Cohen Pedruco
Primary Vice Captains Thomas Windsor, Alexander (Alex) Rehfisch
Primary Class Captain Zane O’Keeffe
Austins House Captain Michael Gashi
Edwins House Captain Evan Hermus
Leos House Captain Oscar Sahin
Marks House Captain King Le

Peter, Lisa and Luke together with Year 12 Arts Leaders Christopher Ovens, Andrew Eracleous and William Campbell, and 2016 Primary Leaders Daniel Van den Berg and Abraham Pearce made the announcement to the Year 6 students.

Congratulations to the new leadership team. We are looking forward to watching them develop throughout 2017. All the Year 6 students will have the opportunity to hone their leadership skills during the year as they undertake various roles within the classroom and school.

Mrs Anette Phillips
Director of Primary School

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