Science Week 2017

What do you get when you amalgamate Kahoot competitions, quizzes, fun videos, cool experiments and crazy demos? You guessed it — another successful Science Week!

National Science Week was celebrated at the College between 12 and 15 August this year. The event was meticulously planned by Mr Justin Bourke and effectively executed by the Science Learning Area. Love (for Science) was definitely in the air. Morning prayers had a Science theme. Sir David Attenborough, Brian Cox and Neil deGrasse Tyson inspired us to look at our planet the way it truly is — beautiful.

Homeroom Quiz Competitions were held at both campuses. Congratulations to Samuel Gardiner (Edwins 4) and Marcus Herman (9J) for winning the Daily Quiz for Kinnoull and Tiverton respectively. Students Kahoooted for their house in the House Kahoot Competition on each campus. St Leos House trumped the Kahoot Competition at Kinnoull while St Austins dominated proceedings at Tiverton. Congratulations to Romolo Persi (St Edwins) and Cormac Fleming (St Austins) for winning the individual prizes for the Kahoot Competition. To add to all this fun, Mr Di Ciccio created Elephant’s toothpaste. It is a shame that elephants don’t brush their teeth because he certainly made a lot of it.

Ms Thiveos’ students added some Mentos to Coke. Strangely, the result was not mint-flavoured soda but an eruption of sugary foam.

To the IT Department, our Lab Technicians Ms Joelene Dight-Smith and Ms Danka Orlowski and our Maintenance department, we couldn’t have done any of this without your support. On behalf of the Science Learning Area, thank you for all your efforts. To Mr Di Ciccio, Ms Thiveos and all other Science staff, Science is well and truly alive because of the way you inspire the inner scientist in all our students. To Mr Bourke, nobody could do this event like you do. Your efforts are the reason we eagerly await Science Week 2018!

Mr Shardul Kaneria
Learning Area Team Leader – Science

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