Systems Technology — IR Vehicle Challenge

Under the watchful eye of Systems Technology teacher Mr Ken McAlpine, Year 10 students competed to see who was able to build the fastest and most agile Infrared Remote Controlled Vehicle. The students remotely controlled their vehicles from the sideline using controls they borrowed from home.

The vehicles use a microcontroller which is programmed by the students to follow the commands they send using their remotes. The infrared sensor on the vehicle provides a way for the car to receive signals from the remote control to go forward, left, right, stop and back up.

The project combines a number of real-world devices to demonstrate how various components can be used in an integrated electro-mechanical system. Students develop new skills when designing and making the vehicle such as learning how to code the microcontroller, 2D and 3D design, acrylic cutting using the Epilog Zing Laser and 3D printing using the CreatBot 3D printer.

The winners of the competition were Matthew Damches (standard vehicle) and Aaron Costa (customised vehicle). Special mention, however, must go to Curtis Hayashi who was instrumental in assisting many of the entrants to programme their vehicles using the ‘Arduino’ software – including the teacher!

Pictured: Matthew Catalfalmo, Curtis Hayashi and Oliver John with their vehicles.

Congratulations to all students who completed this project to the ‘Evil Genius’ stage.

Mr Paul Maxted
Systems Engineering


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