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Talking ‘Trash’ in Year 7 English

Hi, I am Jacob Dee. I am in Year 7 Dunstan. In English this semester, we have been reading and studying the adventure novel ‘Trash’ by Andy Mulligan. To fully comprehend and understand what we have been reading, we engaged in some interactive activities based around the novel. Everyone in the class had to transform the novel into the new form of a game. There were limited restrictions on the making of the game; which I enjoyed because it allowed me to be more creative with my work. I instantly knew how I was going to make the game. I decided on using ‘Scratch’ that I already had a lot of experience using in the Decoding Immersion subject. ‘Scratch’ is an online program that allows people to share their art, games and animations with coding. The program is very easy to learn and it makes learning in class more entertaining. Our group’s game was based on the idea of the various obstacles that Raphael, the protagonist in the novel, had to overcome. Each player of the game had to use the arrow keys to navigate their way through the different levels and jump over any ‘stinky puddles’. Our class made great and unique games; no game was even close to being similar. There were online games, board games, game shows, and someone even made a scavenger hunt. On the day, we were sharing our games, we had some time to finalise our games and make sure everything was working in the right manner. Following this, we had a turn at playing each other’s games. My partner and I played a game similar to Monopoly but with a ‘Trash’ theme. Instead of chance cards, their group made “Finish the Quote” cards. We then had to evaluate the other group’s game with the criteria given by our teacher. I really had a blast playing and creating games based on the novel ‘Trash’. It allowed us to be more open-minded and creative while doing our work.

Jacob Dee
Year 7 Dunstan

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