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During the second week of term, to assist the new Year 7 students to master the public transport system, each Year 7 student was allocated one or more Year 8 students to travel home with them and “show them the ropes” of tram, train and bus travel. Some Year 7 students, thanks to some preparation with family and friends, were already comfortable with managing the demands of travel to and from school. However, for many boys, having a buddy helped develop confidence and enabled them to get to know an older student or two who could share their expertise and experience. Both Mr David Happ (Year 8 Coordinator) and I were impressed with the collegiality, leadership and brotherly approach the Year 8 students displayed to support the Year 7 students in this aspect of their transition and the willing manner in which the Year 7 students accepted the assistance given. Well done, Year 7 and Year 8 students! The idea of being brothers to one another was very much in evidence that week. Hopefully, it can continue to grow and strengthen.


The Year 7 camps are off and running with both 7 Benilde and 7 Dunstan completing their three days in Torquay enjoying snorkelling, surf, sun and fun. Whether trying to catch a wave or two, snorkelling with sea life or learning about our coastal environment, the weather was perfect for the boys to tackle all the available activities with enthusiasm.

Henry Moloney and Tom Clune (7 Benilde) suited up and ready to go!

Below is a short reflection about the camp by Year 7 student, Brad Green:

Snorkelling was interesting, but the wet suits were really hard to put on. When we finally got in the water, the wet suits were good and we saw a small shark and a puffer fish. My favourite activity was surfing. It felt free catching a wave with wind blowing in your face (even though I wasn’t up for all that long!). Accommodation was good and I enjoyed eating breakfast overlooking the sea. Camp helped a lot in making more friends and finding out people with similar interests to me, at camp itself but especially on the bus going to and from places. I can’t wait for next year’s camp and to meet new people.
Brad Green (7 Benilde)

More importantly, it also allowed the boys and staff to share some time away to better get to know each other, build stronger relationships and instil class spirit. Mr Andrew Clements (Camps Coordinator), Mr Jeff Locke (7 Benilde) and Mrs Gemma Austin (7 Dunstan) all returned with glowing comments about the boys’ co-operation, involvement and willingness to support one another. We look forward to the programme continuing to provide a similar experience for the remaining Year 7 mentor groups!

Mr Chris Martin
Year 7 Co-ordinator

2017 Victorian Water Polo Championships – State Champions

Year 8 students Duncan (8 Solomon) and Xavier (8 Vincent) Geddes recently competed with the Richmond Tigers Water Polo U14 Boys team in the State Water Polo Championships held in Geelong.

Duncan Geddes, Water Polo State Championship

The team were undefeated in the championship and won a hotly contested grand final against the Albury Sharks 5–4 to be named U14 State Champions. Congratulations!

The Richmond Tigers team now travel to Albury in April 2017 for the National Championships. Good luck boys!

Mr David Happ
Year 8 Coordinator

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