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The Boys Are Back — Tips for Transitioning back to School

Summer Holidays have come to end and this means returning to school. The beginning of the school year represents many changes which include:
— Starting at De La Salle for the first time
— Having new teachers
— Meeting and making new friends
— Having new classrooms and learning spaces
Change is a part of our lives and for some students this is exciting and energising. Change, for others, can cause worry which impedes personal growth. The following tips will help your child settle into De La Salle when they feel worried.

Good vibes are contagious

If you exude optimism about starting a new school year your child will feel reassured and hopeful too.

Let them know you’re there for them

If you son tells you he is nervous about not having friends in his class talk through these feelings. Empathise, with them, most of us feel a bit worried and awkward when you’re on the outer and think that everyone else knows each other. To build confidence explain to your son that he is brave, likeable and can cope.

Become involved in College life

De La Salle College offers many extracurricular activities that will foster new friendships and help students feel a connection to the school. Students who participate in sport, the music program, musicals, chess club feel happier and more connected which transfers into classroom learning. Activities outside the classroom help student’s to feel more connected inside the classroom and can lower anxiety. The social learning and confidence that the extracurricular program offers encourages students to have a go when faced with academic challenges. It teaches them to persist and trust themselves to achieve their goals.


If things start off rocky….. Try your hardest not to amplify your child’s worries as this will increase the severity of their anxiety. The teachers at De La Salle are trained to help children who have these difficulties and know what to do. If it all seems a little too difficult then a referral to the school counsellor can help.

For more ideas about helping your child begin a new school year see: Raising Children

Ms Karina Dubroja
Tiverton Counsellor

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