Year 7 English – Creative Writing

A possessed scarecrow.

A team of space-cadets embarking on a trip to Mars.

A plane stuck in life-threatening turbulence.

Anything is possible in the mind of a Year 7 writer.

In Year 7 English this year, students engaged with the art of creative writing. They learned the importance of connecting with their inner thoughts, feelings and curiosities to identify their perspectives of themselves and the world around them. They learned the power of the written word by playing with language to move, scare and even entertain their readers.

Throughout the Creative Writing Unit, students engaged with; myths and legends, magical fantasy, horror, teenage romance and historical genres. They experimented with unpredictable plot sequences and characters with bizarre traits. They also inquired about their relationships with themselves and ethical dilemmas in the real world, and how these could be applied to a fictional setting.

The following short story is one example of the diverse and exciting narratives imagined and written by students from Year 7.

The Man in Black by Luca Ficarra

Let your imagination run wild…

Miss Sarah O’ Connor
Year 7 English Teacher

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