2019 ACC Launch Speech

The Associated Catholic Colleges (ACC) is a strong and vibrant group of 12 Catholic secondary schools for boys. De La Salle College competes in an array of sport and other activities throughout the year, and it is traditional that the College Captain gives an address at the ACC Launch.

2019 College Captain, Liam Jenkins — ACC Launch Speech

Good evening fellow ACC representatives, staff, leaders and guests. My name is Liam Jenkins and I am the College Captain of De La Salle College for 2019.

On behalf of De La Salle I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the core values that shape life at De La Salle College and the advancements that have occurred recently at the school.

At De La Salle, the notion of brotherhood is a significant part of our Lasallian identity. A sense of brotherhood fuels the bonds between all students at the College. A sense of camaraderie and inclusiveness flows within the College and leaves an everlasting imprint on old Collegians when they reflect upon their time at school. This strong school culture is embraced by all students at De La Salle, further enhancing our ability to tackle whatever task we approach as young men.

De La Salle was established in 1912 by three Irish brothers who taught 54 boys in a parish hall. In recent years, 2012 marked the college centenary. In 2014, the school introduced our first lay principal in Mr Peter Houlihan who still remains our current Principal.

We also reintroduced a vertical House system in 2016. This has further developed our culture at the College and it has been well received by the student cohort. In addition, the school has made some infrastructural advancements with the opening of the Rheims Centre for Science and Technology this year.

2019 brings another significant milestone for the history of De La Salle College with the much‐anticipated opening of the new Year 9 Campus at Holy Eucharist in East Malvern. This will allow the school to grow, whilst providing a customised program for our Year 9 students. Our rich history demonstrates the growth and success that has been achieved by our school over the years. These accomplishments have helped shape who we are today. We are inspired to live by the legacy set by those in the past.

Over the years, De La Salle has established a name for itself through the generosity and service demonstrated by the school community. We believe that it is important to give back to the community in as many ways as possible to show our appreciation and gratitude for the opportunities we receive here De La.

De La Salle has been an active contributor to the community, through our ability to consistently raise $100,000 each year during Mission Action Day where proceeds are donated to a variety of needy communities across the globe. The students are able to see the effect of their generosity through school initiatives that use their funds to build classrooms and establish connections with people living in difficult conditions around the world. We also look to contribute locally with programs including Year 9 Lasallian service, St Vincent de Paul Food Drive, our Social Justice Mass and House Charities.

These thoughtful deeds to help the community can leave lasting effects on the people it touches, as well as exemplify the teachings of our Lasallian founder, St John Baptist de La Salle.

De La Salle is a proud member of the Associated Catholic College community. I believe that we bring a strong presence to the Association through our great passion and dedication whenever representing the College. We enjoy the rivalry and challenges that other Colleges bring; however, we have great respect for all schools part of the ACC.

On behalf of De La Salle College, we look forward to the year to come and I wish the very best for the other school leaders in their last year at their respective schools.

Thank you.

Liam Jenkins
College Captain 2019

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