ACC Junior Debating Championship 2018

Manner, Method and Matter

On 12 November, De La Salle’s ACC Junior Debating team, in the company of Mr Chris Fleming and Mrs Eve McLellan, went off to St Bernard’s College to debate against other ACC schools. Everyone was scored according to what is known as the three M’s: Manner, Method and Matter.

The first debating team, consisting of Noah Caruso, Jude Pabst and myself, had to debate against three speakers from St Joseph’s College. The topic was “Parents should have access to their child’s social media accounts.” We were on the negative side; all speakers of the round did very well, with Jude and myself scoring the highest, and De La Salle taking our first win by one point.

After a short break, our second group debated. The second team consisted of Christian McMahon, Luke Cornell and Oscar Boulter. They debated against three students from Christian Brothers College, St Kilda. The topic they debated was “Australia should become a Republic.” De La Salle was on the affirmative side. We ended up winning by five points with Luke taking out Best Speaker. Both wins put us second overall, not too far behind who we were debating in the final round; Whitefriars College. The final round was an impromptu round, meaning we were given a topic at the event, and we only had 50 minutes to prepare. The team also chose who they felt performed the best, so our final team was Oscar Boulter, Luke Cornell and myself.

The topic was “Autonomous cars will make our roads safer.” All six students in the debating team were allowed to think of ideas, so after 50 long minutes in a classroom, we decided on an order, and a set of arguments and rebuttals. The final debate decided who took out the competition. If we won, then we would be the winners for Division 2. If we lost, we had to hope that third place did not score too high. After an intense debate, the adjudicator awarded Whitefriars the win by a single point. To make matters worse, the team in first place scored more points, so Emanuel College came second, whilst we came third.

We were still happy with a podium finish. The whole team would like to thank Mr Fleming, Mrs McLellan and Dr Walsh for encouraging us all to give it our best, and doing all the behind the scenes work.

We learnt lots and we hope to get them next time!

Noah Henderson
Year 7

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