Chaplain’s Notes

And so we approach another celebration of the tridium:

Next week our College will once more gather to mark our preparations for the most important feast in the Christian calendar, Easter. Many times I have asked students that very question – what is our most important feast? It is not surprising that the answer is frequently “Christmas”. That is the fun one! Yet, it is only in Jesus’ death and resurrection that we recognise not only the fullness of Jesus’ humanity, but the full revelation of Jesus as God.

Six weeks ago we were invited to enter the desert and take with us the things we needed to change in our lives. Hopefully we have used these past week’s well and now we can approach our Easter Celebration with a sense of joy and satisfaction, knowing we are better for the time we spent preparing. Part of that preparation has been to think about those who do not live in comfort and peace. Next week, Mission Action Day will finalise Term 1 and our Lenten efforts. It is not too late to make that extra effort gaining sponsors.

I pray that all families are united in spirit as you celebrate the three major feasts underpinning all our faith celebrations: Holy Thursday (the Lord’s Supper), Good Friday (the Crucifixion) and Easter Sunday, (the Resurrection of our Lord).

Year 8 liturgies:

Year 8 Roland led our prayer on Tuesday morning and invited us all to take stock of how quickly we see the “plank” in the eye of others, and how slow we are to recognise our own faults (Mark 7:3–5). In the student delivered homily we were challenged to consider how we can change the way we think and respond in our relationships; firstly looking openly and critically at our own lives, so that me may better understand and empathise with others. Parents who are dropping their son/s at school are most welcome to join us on Tuesday mornings in the Tiverton Chapel for an 8.15am start.  Parents wishing to attend the liturgies must sign in at reception before proceeding to the Chapel.

Year 12 seminar days:

The first of these days was held on Monday 19 March. I was fortunate to participate with the students reflecting on “women in their lives”. The students engaged in an open sharing of opinions and enticed reflection on those who have influenced their thinking and the challenges they face in forming positive and respectful relationships with women.

 Mrs Joan Ferguson
College Chaplain

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