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Staff and Operations

Mission Action Day Awards

The annual Mission Action Day Awards will be presented at the conclusion of the Founders Day Liturgy on Friday 18 May. The Mission Action Day awards acknowledge the extraordinary effort of individual students in obtaining sponsorship money. The highest individual fundraiser will be presented with the Ian Oliver Mission Action Award. Ian Oliver, who retired from the College in 2015, was a driving force behind the success of Mission Action Day over many years.

The College once again congratulates the effort of all students. The money raised will support the many development projects and initiatives of the Lasallian Foundation in remote Australia and Asia. The annual Mission Action Day raffle will also be drawn at the Assembly. Students will be allocated a raffle ticket for each $50 increment they raised. Four $50 gift vouchers will be presented to the winners.

There are a small number of students still in the process of collecting and returning their pledged sponsorship money. This money is now overdue and I ask boys to attend to this as soon as possible, so Mission Action Day Fundraiser can be concluded.

Year Level Assemblies in the PAC

Year 7: Thursday 8:30am — 8:55am each fortnight from 17 May until the end of the year.
Year 8: Tuesday 8:30am — 8:55am each week from 8 May to the end of the year.
Year 9: Monday 8:30am — 8:55am each fortnight from 14 May to the end of the year.

Music Ensembles

From 14 May there will be a change of start time for before school practice for the Concert Band on Mondays and the Stage Band on Tuesdays. Practices will run from 7:30am until 8:30am in the PAC. Boys involved in these ensembles are expected to attend their Mentor Group on Mondays and Tuesdays. The full schedule for before school ensembles is listed below.

 Before School Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
7.30 am — 8.30 am PAC Concert Band (KWL) Stage Band (JLE) Choir (CFR)
8.00 am — 8.55 am Music Rooms Senior Flute (KWL) Strings (DRC) Guitar (MLW)
8.00 am — 8.55 am PAC Intermediate Band (PKR) Junior Band (KWL)

Lost Property

There are a number of lost items of uniform from this term at Reception areas on each campus. Students are asked to check at Reception if they have lost anything.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations


When you set a boundary as a parent, you show that you care

Last week, Tim Winton wrote some wonderful stuff about how men don’t, but should, give clear values statements to teenage boys, who are hungry for direction in a culture that doesn’t seem clear about anything. We men need to step up. We need to have some gravity and sense of responsibility. How else can our youngsters relax or feel safe in this world? How else can they learn to be good women and men? To read more on this topic click here.

High-Performance Leadership Development Program

For the past three weeks, the Year 9, 10 and 11 student leaders have been participating in a series of High-Performance Leadership Development Coaching sessions with former AFL Footballer, Nathan Burke.

During the sessions, the student leaders have been planning for the launch of a Big Brother Little Brother Program at De La Salle College. When asked to establish a rationale for the program, the student leaders identified that the Big Brother Little Brother Program would:

  1. Establish camaraderie between seniors and junior students;
  2. Increase connection between students at Tiverton and Kinnoull Campuses;
  3. Inspire the juniors students to be leaders;
  4. Give seniors students continued opportunities to make a difference in the life of the College;
  5. Increase participation levels and College passion; and
  6. Leave a legacy to further enhance the culture of De La Salle College.

Young Lasallian Leadership Retreat – Year 6, 7, 8 and 9 Student Leaders

Facilitated by the Lasallian Youth Mission, our Year 6, 7, 8 and 9 Student Leaders focused on using their leadership influence. One of the sessions focussed on the teamwork shown by the Belgian horses. The Belgian horses teach us a very clear lesson about the importance of teamwork. When the Belgian horses pull together, they can pull three times more than they can when they work alone. In tandem, the Belgian horses can pull 32,000 pounds, which is a load four times heavier than they could pull alone. The powerful lesson that the magnificent Belgian horses teach conveys the importance of teamwork, collaboration and communication. Together we can achieve great things.

Read student feedback and view photo gallery here.

Mother’s Day Breakfast College Captain’s Speech – Panos Menidis

Today, we gather to stop, reflect upon and thank our mothers for everything they have done, everything that they do and everything that they will do for us in the future. This day is one were we universally celebrate the most important woman in our lives. And no that’s not the secret girlfriend you are hiding from your parents, it is the woman that brought you into this life, that raised you since day one and is here with you now as you grow to become a young man.

Read the full version of College Captain, Panos Menidis’s Mother’s Day Breakfast address here.

View the Mother’s Day Breakfast 2018 Photo Gallery here.

National shortage of EpiPen 300mcg Adrenaline (Epinephrine) Auto Injectors

De La Salle College has returned to a full supply of spare adult EpiPen 300mcg adrenaline auto-injectors; however, Alphapharm Pty Ltd (Mylan Australia) has advised the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of the following information:

  • Supply of EpiPen 300mcg is constrained due to manufacturing delays;
  • Stock levels will not return to normal for some months;
  • Mylan Australia advises patients having difficulty obtaining an EpiPen 300mcg auto-injector to contact their local pharmacy for assistance as stock continues to be distributed, despite constrained supply. This may require you to leave your prescription at the pharmacy while stock is ordered; and
  • The supply of EpiPen Jnr 150 mcg is not affected.

Students with expired and approaching dates of expiry have been contacted and arrangements made pending full supplies of EpiPen 300mcg.

De La Salle will continue to work with these families on an individual basis until full stocks are returned to local pharmacies. Further information can be obtained from the following link.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal – Students

Faith and Mission

Young Lasallians Evening Gathering

On the evening of Monday 7 May the Young Lasallians Team hosted a Young Lasallians Evening Gathering for the Melbourne region at De La Salle College.

We began in the Peppercorn Café with a shared meal with student leaders from De La Salle College and St Bede’s College, then moved on to simple activities to build community and foster sharing among the Young Lasallians present.

The featured speaker at the gathering Br Mandy Dujunco FSC. Br Mandy challenged each of us to think about the journey we are on and how we need to be prepared to be confronted with the challenges that face us. Br Mandy reminded us that it is those very challenges that make us who we are, that teach us the life lessons that nurture the relationships we have with others and God.

It was a fantastic evening of Lasallian spirit and energy, full of reflection, laughter and friendship.

Prayer for Mother’s Day

This Sunday, we celebrate Mother’s Day. We wish all mothers a happy Mother’s Day and share with you this prayer in recognition of mothers everywhere.

Loving God,

We thank you for mothers – for the love they have shown and the care they have given.

We thank you for the qualities of our mothers; for their patience and kindness, their concern, unconditional love and understanding and for the part they play in our lives.

For mothers and motherhood, for children and families, we bring you this day our grateful praise.

We ask Mary our Good Mother, who showed us the Christian life by the example of her motherly love for her son Jesus, to care for and pray always for our mothers and grandmothers.



Year 7 Reflection Days

Reflection Days are wonderful opportunities for our students to take a step back, develop their reflective capabilities and nourish their faith journeys which are explored through presentations, small group discussions and retreat style activities.

This week, we concluded the last of our Year 7 Reflection Days and it was great to see the energy and enthusiasm of all the students involved. As always, the Youth Mission Team (YMT) did a great job engaging the students on the theme of “Knowing God: Communities and Belonging”.

I would like to commend the College Lasallian Youth Minister, Mr Aaron Trusler, for his dedication and engaged presence on all of the days, and also acknowledge the following staff for their commitment to the Reflection Days and their support of the Year 7 boys; Ms Joan Ferguson, Mr Chris Church, Ms Ellen Cotter, Mr Adam Jacobs, Ms Grace Giudice, Mr Ryan McDonough and Mr Paul Maxted.

Lasallian Youth Minister, Aaron Trusler, on the Year 7 Reflection Day

2019 Tercentenary Celebrations

You may or may not be aware that during 2019, the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Brothers), and the wider Lasallian Institute will celebrate the 300th anniversary of the death of St John Baptist de La Salle, (1719–2019).

Earlier this week I attended the first of many planning meetings for the 2019 Tercentenary celebrations of the death of our Founder, St John Baptist de La Salle and it was exciting to sit around the table with colleagues from St Bede’s, St James’ and St John’s Colleges as to plan and share ideas.

However, in the meantime, I invite all members from the De La Salle College community to click here to read and watch Brother Superior Robert Schieler, FSC, give an update on how we can all celebrate the Tercentenary (Year of Lasallian Vocations) in 2019!

2019 is going to be a wonderful year to celebrate!

Live Jesus in our hearts!

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

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