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Flowers, tears and a minute’s silence for Eurydice Dixon

I would imagine that you, like me, were rocked by the news of Eurydice Dixon’s rape and murder last week. It is hard to come to terms with an event like this within our community at large. As I read the newspaper over the course of the weekend, I saw some familiar football jumpers – those of a fellow ACC team – linked, arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder around the floral tributes to Ms Dixon. After their game on a nearby football field, members of the St Bernard’s and Melbourne University Blacks VAFA thirds teams gathered around the flowers to observe a minute’s silence for Ms Dixon.

Football can be seen as a bit of a man’s game so we came over here to show a message that we have to show women respect,” St Bernard’s captain Owen McIntyre said. “It’s a big part of society and the incident does not reflect what we think.”

Melbourne University Blacks captain Josh Bowden said the team had trained nearby on Tuesday night – the night before Ms Dixon was killed. “A lot of us live around here and it’s pretty simple – it is just not good enough from men in society. It was a good thing that 24 blokes on each side played this morning and we could come over and pay our respects. We need to change.”

Domestic Violence Victoria chief executive Fiona McCormack said attitudes towards women were changing, but more needed to be done. “No matter the circumstances, no matter the situation, we really need to challenge the concept of that male sense of entitlement about using violence,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne. “When we think about crime in our community, any type of violent crime particularly, we have an issue around gender. That’s obviously not saying all men are violent and that’s not saying there’s something inherently evil in men, it’s something about our culture.”

Now, more than ever, it is important to think about the values we instil in the young men in our care. As Clementine Ford wrote, “It was not a lack of ‘situational awareness’ that ended the life of Eurydice Dixon – it was a person who made a conscious choice to exercise extreme violence against her.” In short, people’s lives depend on men being nurturing and life-protecting. Our young men will thrive if they have a sense of purpose and an ethos for life.

In adolescence, the teaching of the young men in our care becomes more and more specific – handling vehicles, dealing with sexuality, making choices about work and career, responding to choices around alcohol and drugs, and dealing with rejection and loss. As a College community, we are concerned about getting this right. As a broader community, we must do this work together.

Medical Certificates

Medical and/or Dental Appointments should be made before or after school hours. If this is not possible, students should arrange appointments so as to minimise time away from school. The Class/House Mentor and Year Level/House Coordinator should be notified in writing if this is necessary. Following an absence, students are reminded to obtain a Medical Certificate, especially in instances when they have missed a test or an assessment deadline. All Medical Certificates should be passed on to the Year Level/House Coordinator and these will be forwarded on to the Reception to be placed on the student’s file. Please note, VCE students are also required to bring a Medical Certificate, issued on the day of absence, if they miss a SAC.

School Leavers Week (Schoolies) 2018 and Parental Advice for Adolescent Alcohol Use

For many of our Year 12 students, Schoolies is a time to celebrate a milestone in their lives, but this shouldn’t mean attending events that may impact health and safety or cause problems for the communities they decide to visit. Talking to your son about the risks associated with alcohol is an important step in reducing the risk of alcohol-related harm.

For advice to help prevent or reduce adolescent alcohol use, parents are referred to the National Health Medical Research Council (NHMRC) guidelines: Parenting Strategies: Preventing Adolescent Alcohol Misuse. If your son is likely to visit Victorian coastal regions during Schoolies, you are encouraged to visit their official website for registration and safety tips.

Here are some tips and advice for preparing your son for Schoolies:

  • Start the conversation about Schoolies early;
  • Set reasonable expectations for your son;
  • Talk to your son about alcohol and drugs;
  • Encourage your son to register with Good Times Great Breaks.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal – Students

Faith and Mission

Later this week, I will depart to Manhattan College in New York, to commence the second year of my Buttimer Course of Lasallian Studies, focusing on St John Baptist de La Salle’s Educational Vision. Having been introduced to the life and person of St John Baptist de La Salle and the context of the time in which he lived in my first year, I am very much looking forward to deepening my knowledge and further examining the educational vision of this extraordinary man, who is our Founder!

I hope you all have a restful and safe mid-year break, and I look forward to seeing you all at the commencement of Term 3.

St Austin’s House Advocate for Refugee Week

As a Christian, Lasallian community, we believe that we can all make a difference when it comes to the plight of refugees and asylum seekers. It need only start with a small act of kindness and hospitality and, by demonstrating more compassionate opinions on refugee and asylum seeker policies.

Back in 2015, the Pope Francis gave an address on the treatment of refugees and the need for compassion. The Pope said:

…view them as persons, seeing their faces and listening to their stories, trying to respond as best we can to their situation. To respond in a way which is always humane, just and fraternal…Let us remember the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” (Mt 7:12).

This week, the students of St Austin’s House have been actively advocating and promoting key aspects of their House charity Melbourne Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office. Throughout the week, published in the Daily Bulletin we have prayed for refugees and asylum seekers and each morning in class and house mentor groups, students watch short videos of testimonials and stories which have brought home to each one of us, the reality of those who have lived through the oppression.

Further to this, the students in St Austin’s House held a ‘Detention for Detention’ at lunchtime on Thursday to raise awareness for the plight of refugees and asylum seekers followed by a casual clothes day on Friday 22 June with a gold coin donation from every member of the community in support of this cause. Money raised will go directly to the Melbourne Catholic Migrant & Refugee Office.

Sacramental Program

Last Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of attending a very significant liturgy that was prepared under the guidance of Ms Joan Ferguson, our College Chaplain, for the Sacrament of Penance — Cameron Clarke, Finn Edgerley, Jack Lanigan and Ryan Tatlis. Also during this liturgy, we celebrated the baptism of Angus Osborne.

The evening was a wonderful event and a true celebration for the families involved and recognition of the work that Joan does in preparing the boys in making their sacraments. As always, the presence of Fr Martin Tanti SDB as celebrant and the support of Br Mandy Dujunco FSC is most welcome.


Year 9 Reflection Days

  • Students will make their own way to and from the venue.
  • Students are asked to bring their own recess and lunch as per a normal school day.
  • Students will not be permitted to leave the venue to purchase food.
  • Students are permitted to wear sports uniform on the day.
  • Students are asked to arrive no later than 8:30am for roll call and a 2:45pm dismissal.
Wednesday 20 June 9 Dunstan, 9 Roland Rana Brogan, Sharni Folland, Kath Marino, Emily Ryan
Thursday 21 June 9 Hegarty, 9 Solomon, 9 Vincent Stephen Brick, Graeme Lawler, Catherine Loft, Andrew Devlin, Shaun Buckley(replaced by Nic Nicolaou), Patrice McBean
Friday 22 June 9 Benilde, 9 Jerome Stephen Brick, Chris Church, Nicola Mairs, Emma Fairclough

Community Masses

Our next Community Mass is at St Joseph’s Parish, Malvern on Sunday 22 July from 10:00am. St Joseph’s church is at 47 Stanhope Street, Malvern. All are welcome to attend!

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

Staff and Operations

Staff News for Term 3

On July 16 the following staff will be returning from periods of leave in Term 2:

  • Mr Andrew Wozencroft (returning as Year 9 YLC)
  • Mrs Carolyn Fitzpatrick
  • Ms Michele O’Mahoney
  • Ms Emily Ryan
  • Mr Shaun Buckley
  • Ms Lisa Harkin
  • Mrs Rana Brogan
  • Mr Paul Coyle

Thank you to Mr Stephen Brick for his work as Acting Year 9 YLC in Mr Andrew Wozencroft’s absence.

These staff members will be away on leave at the start of the new term:

  • Mrs Joan Ferguson
  • Mr Gerard Barns
  • Mr David Happ
  • Ms Vanessa Marolda
  • Mr Shane Macintosh
  • Ms Christine Cooper
  • Mrs Trish Woodman

We also welcome Mr Warren Bardsley who will be replacing Mr Shane Slavin who is on LSL for the remainder of 2018.

Last day Term 2

Term 2 concludes at the normal dismissal times for all students on Friday 29 June. The College staff wish all students and families a safe and happy holiday break.

Performing Arts Assembly

The Performing Arts Assembly will be held on Friday 29 June during Period 4 in the College gymnasium. This year the event will showcase to the College the talents of our various music ensembles. These ensembles draw on students from the Primary years to Year 12. The assembly promises to be a terrific finale to a wonderful term of achievement for the performing arts groups at the College.

Term 3 Commencement

Term 3 commences on Wednesday 18 July. Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 July are student free days. College staff will be undertaking professional learning on these days. The College Office will be open as normal.

Lost Property

There are a number of items of lost property available for collection at each Campus Reception. These include spray jackets, jumpers and rugby tops. We always endeavour to find the owners of lost items. Parents are asked to get their son/s to check the lost property collection if they are missing anything. Also, clearly naming garments is the best way to help us return misplaced items to the owners.

Student Discount at the Cabrini Emergency Department

A reminder to parents that students from the College are eligible to receive a 50% discount on services in the Cabrini Emergency Department. For more details contact Ms Trish Ennis at the Cabrini Emergency Department on 95081489 or

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations

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