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Year 12 College Captain Speeches – The Power of Sharing

Last Friday, I listened to the aspirant College Captains for 2019 deliver their election speeches. A key and binding characteristic of their presentations was their courage, vulnerability and authenticity as leaders. I was in awe of their aspiration and their willingness to take on the responsibility of enhancing the learning culture of our great school. All of the aspirant leaders show an ability to collaborate, connect, communicate, exchange and build rapport with their peers. I would like to wish all of the aspirant College Captains well as we move to the next phase of the elections process; the interviews.

Kings Arcade – Student Movement

We received a call late last night from a local café owner who is upset that some of our students are running through the arcade after school. Students are reminded that they are not to run through Kings Arcade at the end of the day. The café owners are concerned for the safety of their patrons and advised students have been asked to slow down on numerous occasions.

Year 8 Father and Son ‘Stepping Up’ – Time and Space Evening

Last Monday, we welcomed back Bill Jennings for another innovative single evening program. Media attention often feasts on the reality that some famous sportsmen and celebrities fall short of being good role-models to the young men in our care, but we are confident that the best role-models are much closer to home. Stepping Up taps the very best male role models for our young men and gives space for good conversation. I’d like to extend my gratitude and thanks to Miss Sarah O’Connor for all the work she put into organising the event.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal – Students

Staff and Operations

School Improvement Surveys

A number of parents have recently received an invitation via mail last about participation in an online survey as part of the College’s ongoing commitment to the School Improvement process.

The survey is conducted under the auspices of Catholic Education Melbourne, with the main aim to identify the strengths and areas for further development for the College. The results are enormously important in shaping strategic directions and plans for our school and also include staff and student feedback.

Thank you to all those parents who have completed the survey. For those parents who received an invitation and have not had a chance to complete the survey, we ask that it be completed by Friday 24 August.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal – Staff and Operations

Faith and Mission

Feast of the Assumption

On Wednesday 15 August we celebrated the Feast of the Assumption. Our Catholic tradition teaches us that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was taken into heaven as a reward for her faith and trust in God and her life and devotion should be an example for us. St John Baptist de La Salle said in one of his reflections that the special grace we ought to ask, of the Blessed Virgin, on this day, the Feast of the Assumption is for us to be removed and to be freed from the corruption of the world and especially to have great purity” (Med 156.2).

In other words, that we should look to Mary and pray that she guide us to be good, honest people and to help us to have the same faith and trust in God that she had. On the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, we give thanks and praise to Mary, in the hope we are inspired by her example.

Mary is a model for us of what is possible if we are in relationship with God. She is also our hope and our promise of what God can do in our own lives if we trust and believe. Mary, a woman of faith: put her whole life on the line for God who asked her to be the mother of his Son. She is a woman who made a very strong choice for God in her life, whose vocation, like ours, was to bring Christ to the world. As Lasallians we are people of hope, people sustained by inner joy – we are people like Mary and our prayer is our remembrance of her our trust in her help.

It was at this liturgy last year, The Feast of the Assumption, that we also presented our first official De La Salle College prayer. Indicating to us, a commitment to our faith, of what it means to be a Lasallian, a connectedness to the community we belong to and the school we represent. Our College prayer ought to speak to each one of us, each time that we pray it, of the spirit of faith, service and community that is being Lasallian is about. And so, to conclude our liturgy, and to mark the first anniversary of the prayer, College Captain Panos Menidis, led staff and students in praying our College Prayer together.

Year 11 Reflection days

At the heart of the mission of the College is to develop and nurture the faith of our students. It is hoped that the Reflection Day, with your support, will allow our students to spend some time discerning, reflecting and revisiting the Lasallian charism. Below are the details regarding the Year 11 Reflection Days which will take place at the Syndal Baptist Centre next week.

Date Classes Supervising Staff
Thursday 30 August 11RE02206
Ms Christine Thompson
Mr Lachlan Morton
Ms Ellen Cotter
Ms Rana Brogan
Ms Joan Ferguson
Friday 31 August 11RE02204
Mr Connor Webster
Mr Graeme Lawler
Ms Catherine Loft
Ms Rana Brogan
Ms Christine Bassili

Charitable Donations

There is a real need each winter season to support as many struggling families and individuals that go without. As Lasallian’s, we are called to do the work of Jesus Christ and in the words of our founder St. John Baptist de La Salle, “make Christ known to others.”

The donations will support one of the three following organisations:

  • Primary – St Joseph’s Outreach Centre, South Yarra
  • Year 7 to Year 9 – Sacred Heart Mission, St Kilda
  • Year 10 to Year 12 – Malvern Emergency Food Program

Thank you and a reminder to all families to please continue sending in donations of non-perishable food items and toiletries.

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

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