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SchoolTV – Mindfulness

Over the last decade, mindfulness has been slowly rising in popularity with many individuals practising it on a regular basis. Evidence-based research has found that there are many benefits to mindfulness which has prompted schools across the nation to implement this practice into their daily routines.

Mindfulness can be described as attention training for your brain, enabling you to focus on something without judgement and to stimulate curiosity. Mindfulness can be practised in a number of ways and is something that can be done by everyone — no matter what your age! It has been practised by many cultures around the world, but it is not exclusively affiliated to any particular philosophy or religion.

Mindfulness helps improve memory, engagement and performance. Its positive effect on the brain can improve immunity, mental wellbeing, learning ability, emotional health and even, time management. It is especially important in this era of information overload as our attention is constantly being pulled in many directions making us more distracted.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents can learn the best way to introduce mindfulness to their children, implementing it into their daily lives to have an overall positive impact on family relationships. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition and we always welcome your feedback.

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the College Psychologist for further information.

To access this month’s edition please click here.

Are your current study habits effective?

Or are you inviting interruptions and distractions? Have you thought about where and how you waste time?

Exams can be stressful. The key to feeling in control is preparation, having an effective revision plan and a well-planned out strategy for the exam itself. The strategies you use will need to be flexible to adjust the type of exam you are sitting. Sometimes heading for the X‑box or checking your Instagram is a well-earned break and sometimes it is just procrastination – putting off doing the task that you’re supposed to be doing. People procrastinate for a range of reasons. For students, it often happens:

  • When you don’t know exactly what the next step is or how to do it;
  • When that step is difficult, laborious or time-consuming;
  • When there will be no immediate outcome or product from the work;
  • When you’ve forgotten why the task was important in the first place.

To help stay on task, consider the following tips, then:

Establish work routines
It is easier to settle into study on a given day if you work at roughly the same time, day after day. You need breaks and regular days off, of course, but you don’t want to be deciding on a daily basis whether this is a day off or a study day. Establishing study routines may involve thinking about regular arrival and departure times, settling procedures and lunch arrangements.

Create an association between working and your workspace
Try saying to yourself “When I sit at this desk, it is to work.” Try not to listen to music and don’t have Facebook and Snapchat open. The aim is to establish an association: I sit at this desk, and my brain starts working. If that doesn’t happen and you’re not getting anything done, walk into another room and take a short break.

Take advantage of the times of day when you work best
Most students are able to identify themselves as better able to concentrate in the morning, the afternoon or the evening. If you are a morning person and you are not settling to work before 11:00am, you will not be as productive as you might be. Once you’ve identified when you can concentrate best, plan to work on tasks that require a high concentration level at those times. Other tasks can wait until you’re not so alert and still be performed satisfactorily.

Break tasks into manageable ‘chunks’
You are more likely to put a task off if it seems big or unmanageable. If you have a couple of hours, it will be more reasonable and achievable if you plan to: read and take notes on two chapters or to analyse responses to three questions. Break your study into manageable chunks.

Plan rewards for getting the job done
Precisely because many of the tasks involved in studies do not have immediate or tangible results that you can enjoy, plan to do something that you will enjoy – after finishing the work. All kinds of activities can function as rewards for getting a task done: talking on the phone, writing an email, eating lunch or getting a drink, visiting the common room or going for a walk. Just make sure you earn the reward!

Adapted from the University of New England, 2017.

Best of luck to all students for a successful end to the year. May your effort be rewarded in kind.

Code of Conduct – Parents, Volunteers and Visitors

The Code of Conduct – Parents, Volunteers and Visitors aims to provide clear guidelines to all parents, volunteers and visitors regarding the conduct expected of them whilst on the College premises, engaging in College-related activities or representing the College. The Code of Conduct – Parents, Volunteers and Visitors can be accessed here.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal – Students

Staff and Operations

De La Salle Uniform Shop

Please see Important Notices for details on changes in the stocking, donation and sale of items with the old College logo.

Cabrini Hospital discounts

Cabrini Hospital offers 50% discount on attendance fees in the Emergency Department for students 17 years and under as well as other discounts on services. De La Salle College has registered with Cabrini to enable our parents to take up this offer should they wish to do so. For more details click here.

Emergency Management Drills

The College successfully conducted evacuation drills at each campus recently. These drills are a necessary part of our emergency response planning. We are continuing to refine our processes and are well prepared to face an emergency situation should it arise.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations

Faith and Mission

Remembrance Day

Jesus said, “A person hath no greater love than to lay down his life for his friend”. On Friday 9 November, the College commemorated Remembrance Day. To mark the anniversary of the centenary of the Armistice, we gathered as a College community at the Kinnoull Campus to remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice and we paused to pray to our loving God for those who laid down their lives for peace and freedom.

2018 “Yaluwo” Sri Lanka Immersion

St John Baptist de La Salle stated “God has chosen you to do his work” (MTR 4.1 [Med 196.1]), and this exactly what the Yaluwo group hopes to set out to do.

On Thursday 22 November the 2018 Yaluwo group will embark on their immersion experience to Sri Lanka. During our month away in Sri Lanka, the group will be challenged to think of others and to work together to make a difference to the community. The nature and value of the experience will allow the “Yaluwo” to put their faith into action by getting involved in various day to day, development and maintenance work as well as immersing themselves in the daily life, culture and traditions of the local community at Diyagala, Boy’s Town.

A pilgrimage such as this provides an opportunity for the “Yaluwo” to discover firsthand the Church at work amongst the poorest of the poor, but also, an opportunity to live with and be in solidarity with our fellow Lasallian brothers and sisters in the hope that a motivation and a vision for the realisation of a just world where the dignity of every human person will be recognised.

Please keep the 2018 Yaluwo group in your prayers.

Let us remember we are in the Holy presence of God…

We pray that Jesus is with them always to give them strength, to endure the situation and to find the blessings and lessons that their daily encounters will bring.

We pray that the zeal and spirit of St John Baptist de La Salle fills them and inspires them each dawn and each dusk.

We pray that our Lord, Jesus protects them daily in their travels, remains at their window and carries them safely to their destination.

St John Baptist de La Salle – Pray for us

Live Jesus in our hearts — Forever

Christmas Giving Tree Donations

Recently, families would have received information regarding donations for the Christmas Giving Trees. De La Salle College is asking families to think of those less fortunate in our community and how we may be able to assist. An intrinsic hallmark of being Lasallian is to identify a need in the community and then take action to address that need.

As such the College is supporting a Christmas Giving Tree for St Joseph’s Outreach Services and we invite each student to place a gift on behalf of their family under the tree. Students may donate a gift for either a boy or girl of open age and we ask that you please consider the need for gifts for teenagers as a priority.

We have two Christmas Giving Tree’s, one each at the Tiverton reception and the Kinnoull reception areas. The joy your gift will bring to a child on Christmas morning is immeasurable, the smile on their face will be priceless. Thank you to all the families who have already left gift donations under each Christmas tree.

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission 

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