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Staff and Operations

Annual Christmas Concert

The De La Salle music department will hold the annual Christmas concert in the PAC on Thursday 6 December. This is always a wonderful finale to the year and will include a terrific evening of Christmas music with some surprises. Music staff and students have been working very hard over recent weeks in preparation for this event. All members of the College community are warmly invited to attend.

Lost property

Tiverton students who have lost uniform items throughout the year (especially Term 3 or Term 4) are asked to check the lost property area before Thursday 13 December. Items of uniform not collected will be donated to charity.

Christmas Greetings

On behalf of all the staff at the College, thank you to parents for your support in 2018 and best wishes for a happy and safe Christmas and holiday period. May God bless all families.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations


2019 ACC Launch Dinner

As is traditional, we gather together to celebrate the ACC Leadership Launch for the coming year. The College Captains and Vice-Captains are invited to attend, along with Principals, Deputy Principals and Leadership Coordinators. This wonderful evening is being held at Salesian College, with the 2019 College Leaders celebrating Mass, sharing a formal meal and enjoying the social festivities. It is always powerful listening to the College Captains speak of the gifts their communities bring to the ACC; the core elements that are unique and their aspirations for the coming year.

A special part of the evening will be listening to College Captain for 2019, Liam Jenkins’ address on behalf of his Lasallian brothers at De La Salle College. You can read the speech here.

Progress on the Child Safe Standards

Recently, the Australian Childhood Foundation audited our policies and processes to safeguard our students against abuse. In total, 65 people were interviewed; staff, parents, students, volunteers, maintenance, administration, human resources, canteen staff and cleaners played a part in the audit.

The Australian Childhood Foundation noted a strong commitment to safeguarding children and young people was evident across all levels of personnel. The students who were interviewed by the Australian Childhood Foundation noted a stronger and more visible safeguarding culture across the College. The parents interviewed by the Australian Childhood Foundation expressed a confidence in the commitment of the College to safeguard students.

The Australian Childhood Foundation emphasised that the College leadership demonstrated a shared commitment to progressing the safeguarding journey through development and implementation of endorsed safeguarding policies and procedures. Establishing a Child Safety Team with broad-based membership and consulting throughout the College on the safeguarding journey has supported our work in this area.

The Australian Childhood Foundation noted that safeguarding sustainability is front and centre of daily practice and re-enforced through discussions at staff meetings and ongoing support of the Child Safety Team. At De La Salle College, we aspire to support the aspiration of the whole-child, this includes faith-based practices and emphasises personal development and growth.

The Australian Childhood Foundation found that the College demonstrates a high standard of risk mitigation, which is evidenced through thorough processes to meet College expectations, e.g. student billeting and cancellation of programs if the risks are unable to be managed appropriately, therefore compromising the safety of students.

Our teaching staff at De La Salle College were recognised to be very proximate with students and to have strong relationships with the young men in our care. The challenge within this has been to maintain relational safety between students and personnel.

As in most school environments, there are challenges at specific ages and stages for the boys. In their interviews, our staff indicated that Year 8 and Year 9 can be challenging for the young men in our care The Australian Childhood Foundation found that the College has created a number of initiatives, for example, the Positive Student Behaviour Policy and the Achievement and Recognition Policy – Lasallian Zeal to maintain a healthy culture through these year levels and to address any concerns that do arise.

Our Lasallian charism has been strengthened through this process.

Happy Christmas

Christmas is a magical time for children. For me it is time to reflect with gratitude on all the gifts in my life; family, friends, freedom and a great education. As a child, Christmas meant a long wait for Midnight Mass where my Dad played the organ. It was my Gran’s birthday on Christmas Eve so we enjoyed many family gatherings that evening as well. Today, Christmas carols, gift exchanges and family feasts are just some of the enduring traditions that make the season one of the world’s favourite holidays. Amongst this, we remember the gift of a little baby who heralded hope for communities across the ages.

Wishing you and your family a safe, relaxing and joyful Christmas.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal – Students

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