Higgins ANZAC Poetry Competition

Congratulations to all of our students in Primary who entered the 2018 Higgins ANZAC Day Poetry Competition.

Anzac Day is a significant date on the Australian calendar and the Higgins Anzac School Poetry Competition gives students the opportunity to reflect on the courage and sacrifice of men and women who have served in conflicts and express their own feelings in verse. The theme for the competition was ‘What does Anzac Day mean to you?’

From over three hundred students across eleven schools in the Higgins electorate, three students from De La Salle College were selected as finalists.

The Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP praised the effort and quality of the poems and the judges Krista Bell and local RSL Representatives had a very difficult task in selecting finalists and the winner. There were two categories – Year 3 and 4, and Year 5 and 6. In Year 4, Geordan Wain and James Harris were finalists and last Friday were presented with a certificate and copy of their poem. Year 6 student Benjamin Scheloske’s poem was selected as runner-up and he was presented with a picture book, Jack’s Bugle written by Krista Bell, a certificate and a copy of his poem. It was a very exciting morning and we are very proud of all students and their effort, particularly Geordan, James and Benjamin.

On ANZAC day we remember those that have passed,
That fought in a war,
And died for us.
They fought for their country,
And put it all on the line.
I can’t imagine arriving at that beach,
Thinking about loved ones.
I can’t imagine seeing friends dying,
Then the man beside you does.
I can’t imagine having to kill another man,
To save your life!
To pull the trigger,
And watch another man die.
I can’t imagine seeing all the smoke from the guns,
And the blood from the men.
I can’t imagine the shock,
When you hear the first gun shot,
These men weren’t just soldiers,
They were heroes,
And that is why,
We will remember them!

Benjamin Scheloske, Year 6

J Harris Year 4 with Hon Kelly O'Dwyer ANZAC Poetry

On ANZAC Day we remember the soldiers,
Who served our country,
To protect us from the enemy.

A lot of them died from bullets,
Some from grenades,
So many lives lost!
So many families left in mourning.

They committed their lives to defend our country,
We are grateful for their sacrifices.
Their soul will live on and we will remember them.
Those who served our country,
We rewarded with pride!

James Harris, Year 4

We pray for the soldiers
That fought that very day.
They stood and didn’t stop,
Until they had it their way.
It wasn’t easy,
Lots have died,
But we remember,
Those who risked their lives,
At dawn,
To protect us all,
From death
We will remember them,
For being so brave.

Geordan Wain, Year 4

Mrs Anette Phillips, Mr Terry Atkins, Ms Pina Sernio and Mr Michael Chippendale
De La Salle College Primary

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