Important Notices

Education Support Team – replacing MMEC

This year we launched our new Education Support Team. The Education Support Team replaces the Mary Mackillop Enhancement Centre (MMEC).

The Education Support Team consists of a Coordinator, Special Education Teachers (case managers) and Learning Support Officers. The new structure sees the creation of more case manager roles, with each case manager responsible for supporting students across specific year levels only. With more case managers and smaller caseloads students with additional learning needs will receive more tailored support than ever before.

The Education Support Team will also better support to our teaching staff, to ensure they sufficiently cater for students with additional learning needs. The team will work collaboratively with teachers to:

  • Identify and implement appropriate adjustments to support student wellbeing and learning;
  • Enhance teachers’ knowledge of students with learning difficulties; and
  • Inform teaching practices in an environment of inclusivity and success.

The Education Support Team will continue to offer support to Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM) funded students, as well as students who do not qualify for CEM-funding. The team will also continue to facilitate our Literacy Support Program to students who meet the enrolment criteria for this program.

For more information about the Education Support Team, please click here or contact the relevant Special Education Teacher:

Year Level Special Education Teacher Email address
Year 7 – Year 8 Miss Georgina Skinner
Year 9 – Year 10 Mrs Eve McLellan
All other levels Ms Kathleen Holmes

Ms Kathleen Holmes
Education Support Team Coordinator

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend provides an opportunity to invest in your most precious asset… Your Marriage! Forget life’s tensions and interruptions and rekindle the closeness, intimacy, love and romance that brought you together. Recharge your relationship batteries and explore the precious nature of your marriage, allowing you both to share your feelings, hopes and dreams with each other in ways that normal, daily living tends to inhibit. There is no group sharing. Couples and a priest present the weekend. It is based around Catholic values, but couples of all faiths are welcome.

16 to 18 March 2018, from 7:00pm Friday to 5:00pm Sunday. Accommodation and all meals provided.

For more information, contact Andre and Maria on 0411 225 992.

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