Important Notices

Lasallian Zeal Awards

The Achievement and Recognition Policy – Lasallian Zeal aims to enhance the positive learning community whereby students feel respected and valued. It seeks to affirm and develop positive learning behaviours. The Achievement and Recognition Policy – Lasallian Zeal encourages students to set higher goals for themselves and to achieve their personal best. Motivation to learn is dramatically impacted by being successful.

The five Core Lasallian Principles encompass the categories of achievement and recognition and will be known as Lasallian Zeal. Students will build up nominations over the course of their time at De La Salle College. Students will receive a certificate and a Lasallian Zeal badge in the appropriate colour as described below.

  • Bronze Lasallian Zeal 10 awards in any category
  • Silver Lasallian Zeal 20 awards (10 Bronze Lasallian Zeal plus two in each category)
  • Gold Lasallian Zeal 30 awards (20 Silver Lasallian Zeal plus two in each category)
  • Platinum Lasallian Zeal 40 awards (30 Gold Lasallian Zeal plus two in each category)
Student Name House Mentor Group Award
Willem Ashton Marks 9 Benilde Bronze Zeal
Austin Kelly Leos 9 Benilde Bronze Zeal
Marcus Herman Edwins 9 Benilde Bronze Zeal
Mitchell Simmons Austins 9 Benilde Bronze Zeal
Duncan Gardiner Edwins 9 Benilde Bronze Zeal
Lucas Cozzi Austins 9 Benilde Bronze Zeal
William Dwyer Edwins 9 Benilde Bronze Zeal
Harry McInenny Leos 9 Benilde Bronze Zeal

Congratulations to the students who received their Bronze Zeal awards.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal — Students

Tiverton Canteen

The mobile canteen is open for business from Monday 10 September. Please refer to the De La Salle Tiverton Canteen Menu for the details. The Canteen will be open for breakfast, recess and lunch.

April’s Fool — Senior Drama Production — Two Performances Only

De La Salle College and OLSH Bentleigh present this year’s Senior Play, April’s Fool by David Burton.

The play is about the real-life tragedy of Kristjan Terauds who died of a drug overdose on April Fool’s Day in 2009. To deal with this tragedy Kristjan’s father wrote a journal entitled April’s Fool. The play is verbatim, weaving real-life interviews with family and friends to shed a light on Kristjan’s story. Moments of humour and lightness underscore the dark moments of grief and loss throughout the play.

As the director of the play, I could not be prouder of the cast in their work ethic and commitment to the production. The play is challenging for young adults to take on, as they are responsible for sharing a real story, with actual words from the family about such a sensitive topic. The cast has approached this task with a sense of maturity and sensitivity beyond their years, forming a strong bond as an ensemble. Throughout all of the trials, tribulations and hard work of putting together a production, we have never once forgotten to laugh during a rehearsal. The support and kindness that the cast offers one another have made me proud to be their director.

Please come along to show your support to this talented young cast!

When: Friday 14 September at 7:30pm and Saturday 15 September at 7:30pm
Where: Performing Arts Centre at OLSH College Bentleigh, 111 Jasper Road Bentleigh
Cost: $10 students, $20 adults and $50 family (2 adults + 2 children)


Ms Sharni Folland
Senior Play Director

Art and Design Week 2018

You are cordially invited to attend the annual De La Salle College Art & Design Exhibition. This is an opportunity for students from Years 4 through to Year 12 to exhibit the art and design projects they have been working on throughout the year.

Opening night — Wednesday 19 September, 7:00pm, Saint Miguel Theatre (SMT).

Hope to see you there!

Mr Ryan Hayward
LATL Visual Arts

St Finbar’s Fashionable Fundraiser — Sunday 14 October

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