Important Notices

2019 Schedule of Fees

The Schedule of Fees for 2019 is now finalised. Please refer to the letter from the Principal and the College Board Chair, the 2019 Schedule of Fees and the College Fee Policy newly ratified and effective from 2019.

Should you have any enquiries regarding any of the published documents please do not hesitate to call Mrs Anne-Maree McKernan or Ms Ellenor Harris in the Finance department on (03) 9508 2100.

Wishing all of our students the very best during this time of exams.

Ms Lyn McGuinness
Director of Finance and Administration

Lasallian Zeal Awards

The Achievement and Recognition Policy – Lasallian Zeal aims to enhance the positive learning community whereby students feel respected and valued. It seeks to affirm and develop positive learning behaviours. The Achievement and Recognition Policy – Lasallian Zeal encourages students to set higher goals for themselves and to achieve their personal best. Motivation to learn is dramatically impacted by being successful.

The five Core Lasallian Principles encompass the categories of achievement and recognition and will be known as Lasallian Zeal. Students will build up nominations over the course of their time at De La Salle College. Students will receive a certificate and a Lasallian Zeal badge in the appropriate colour as described below.

  • Bronze Lasallian Zeal 10 awards in any category
  • Silver Lasallian Zeal 20 awards (10 Bronze Lasallian Zeal plus two in each category)
  • Gold Lasallian Zeal 30 awards (20 Silver Lasallian Zeal plus two in each category)
  • Platinum Lasallian Zeal 40 awards (30 Gold Lasallian Zeal plus two in each category)
Student Name House Mentor Group Award
Zachary Cumberlidge St Leo’s 9 Benilde Bronze
Mitchell Simmons St Austin’s 9 Benilde Bronze
Curtis Cheney St Austin’s 9 Dunstan Bronze
Kevin Xie St Mark’s 9 Dunstan Bronze
Xavier Geddes St Edwin’s 9 Jerome Bronze
Lucas Cozzi St Austin’s 9 Dunstan Silver
Thomas Andrewartha St Mark’s 9 Benilde Silver

Congratulations to the students who received their Bronze and Silver Zeal awards.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal — Students

De La Salle Uniform Shop Stock Changes in 2019

New stock with old logo
Shirts still brand new which have the old logo on them are to be phased out but will remain on sale until the end of 2019.

Second-hand stock with old logo
Donated uniform items (mostly jumpers) that have the old logo on them will be held until the end of the year, parents will then be asked to come and collect their unsold items. Any unwanted items will be donated to a Lasallian community.

Second-hand stock not sold in over 18 months
Items that were donated for second-hand sale over 18 months ago which have not sold will be held until the end of the year, parents will then be asked to come and collect their unsold items. Any unwanted items will be donated to a Lasallian community.

Parents, please note from the start of 2019 there will be no resale of donations of uniform with the old logo. Donations will be accepted for distribution to Lasallian charities. Please contact the Uniform Shop at the College on (03) 9576 2678. for more details.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations

Social Justice Stationery Drive

During Term 4 and in the lead up to the end of the school year, we are challenged to think of others and to work together to make a difference. The whole school is involved in a Stationery Drive donation to our schools in Papua New Guinea through the Lasallian Foundation. Students are asked to donate any of the following items:

  • Folders
  • Pens – that work
  • Pencils – lead and colour
  • Textas/crayons
  • Pencil cases
  • Eraser/rulers/sharpeners/scissors/safety glasses
  • Calculators

All items will be accepted from today and are to be placed in the Kinnoull or Tiverton library where there will be a box located next to the printer. During locker clean up in the last week of school, boxes will be placed for collection along the corridors for final donations. We ask that you support all students in their endeavour to show solidarity and bring hope to the needy, poor and vulnerable members of our local community.

With thanks on behalf of the Year 11 VCAL students.

Miss Ellen Cotter
St Austin’s 2 House Mentor

Richmond’s Big Chop – Monday 26 November

Richmond Bagnall will become a De La Salle College student next year, when he commences in Year 7, 2019. Before he begins at the College, Richmond is doing something truly special for charity and wanted to share this with his new school community.

On Monday 26 November, during the school assembly at Holy Rosary School, Kensington, Richmond’s hair will be cut. His hair will be donated to Variety Hair with Heart, to be made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a medical condition. Through this initiative, Richmond is also raising money for, and awareness of, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation; whose mission is to keep children safe from violence.

Please take a moment to check out Richmond’s Everyday Hero page. If you are able to make a donation, Richmond and his family would be extremely appreciative. Well done Richmond!

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