The Year 9 In9uiry program enables our students to grow in so many exciting ways.

Understanding their strengths, working successfully with others, developing the skills required to ask relevant questions and effectively researching to create an interesting, dynamic response to these issues is nurtured in our students and the program is already producing thought-provoking discussion in class.

Students with the freedom to use their individual intelligences produce amazing work. Ken Robinson is inspirational and revolutionary in his understanding of pedagogy. He is a good guide for us as mentors in the In9uiry subject. In9uiry allows Year 9 students to travel their educational journey, developing their skills for life in the 21st Century at their pace using topics that intrigue them about the City of Melbourne.

Year 9 students have been busy investigating many aspects of the City of Melbourne. The diversity of their topics is fascinating and shall make for a very interesting expo evening on Thursday 28 June. As teachers, we are honoured to witness the students develop as researchers and take their first steps to becoming active global citizens.

A further step toward global citizenship is to accept the challenges intrinsically associated with social justice. The students at De La Salle College show their concern for those in need by raising great sums of money on Mission Action Day. And, as mentioned in last fortnight’s Duce, Year 9 is the year in which our students complete a term of Lasallian Service. Over the past 6 weeks, nearly ninety of our Year 9 students have participated in this community service.

On Wednesday, I visited a student who has volunteered at Jacana School for Autism. It was obvious how much he had enjoyed his time there, and how much the school valued his contribution to the students with which he worked. Both the Deputy Principal and his Mentor Teacher invited him to return anytime.

Here is some feedback from community members who have been interacting with our Lasallian Service students in their communities:

 “One of our residents has been receiving some technical support from the boys, which he says is “fabulous” and he is “very grateful for their assistance”. Another resident who is very vocal but unfortunately severely hearing impaired has … played cards with the boys and the students painstakingly communicate with him using a whiteboard. They are patient and very polite. Thank you for providing this program and well done to the boys involved.”
Jan, Heritage Care

I would like you to compliment all the boys on what a great job they are doing here at Malvern.”
Donald, a resident of Mecwa care

They were polite, enthusiastic and very nice young men”
Shirley, a local Opp shop

Thanks for the fantastic effort helping at cycling”
Susan, Blind Sports

I would like to thank our Year 9 students who have contributed to a successful first term of Lasallian service. They have touched the lives of so many in our community who are in need.

Ms Elizabeth O’Connell
In9uiry Coordinator

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