Wednesday 25 April is ANZAC day. In Year 9, we study World War 1, with a focus on its impact and significance.

Teaching empathy for people who lived during the turmoil of World War 1 is a challenge. The In9uiry program encourages students to experience their learning, but how can we get students to experience what people felt 100 years ago? To help the Year 9 students delve deeper, we will visit the Shrine of Remembrance during their City Experience visits over the next two weeks. Here they will participate in a program called The Spirit of ANZAC. This activity will take them on a journey through World War 1 from the perspective of different soldiers. Our students will experience the challenges, fears and hopes of these men, the ANZACs, who fought for ‘King and Country’.

The Year 9 students also have the opportunity to see how war has affected De La Salle as they walk through the display in the Tiverton Library corridor. De La Salle families have contributed photos of their family members who have fought in various conflicts around the world. These images bring home to the students that war affects all families.

Experiential learning enables students to experience situations in which their learning is authentic and relevant. It encourages students to investigate what is happening in their learning and apply their knowledge to real-world questions and situations. This ANZAC day, we hope the Year 9 students will better understand the sacrifices made by so many during years of war; embrace the memory of the ANZACs and all those who have fought for this precious country that we call home; and to understand that going to war is never an easy decision for any government to take.

Ms Elizabeth O’Connell
In9uiry Coordinator

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