In9uiry — City Experience Expo Evening

The air was abuzz with excitement as students put the final touches to presentations that had taken hours to create, the new Science and Technology Centre was awash with colour and light and ‘choc‐a‐block’ full of interesting presentations, videos and projects — there was even a coffee machine!

The Year 9 students were ready to discuss the results of months of research, surveys and their time in the Melbourne CBD. The Year 9 City Experience Expo was open for business!

Parents who braved the freezing cold evening on Thursday 28 June had the opportunity to marvel at what their sons had produced in answer to challenges students felt faced the City of Melbourne. Our students’ articulate responses to the results of inquiries were diverse, interesting and relevant to the City.

All students are to be congratulated for their efforts both in how they presented the results of their reports and the conversations they had with their parents and guests.

There were many outstanding presentations, but special mention goes to the People’s Choice Award‐winning group of Will Dwyer, Max Kovacevic (pictured, left) and James Suffolk (pictured, right) with ‘Which jobs in the CBD are going to be affected by the advancement of technology?’ and the Principal’s Award‐winning group of Thomas Andrewartha, Patrick Hassett and George Batziakas with ‘How would everyday life be affected if Public Transport replaced all the cars in the CBD?’

On behalf of all the Year 9 students, I would like to thank the homeroom teachers for their encouragement and support in helping their homerooms to prepare for the evening. I am very grateful for all the hard work that Mr Stephen Brick (9 Benilde), Ms Sharni Folland (9 Dunstan), Ms Patrice McBean (9 Hegarty), Ms Emma Fairclough (9 Jerome), Ms Emily Ryan (9 Roland), Mr Andrew Devlin (9 Solomon) and Mr Shaun Buckley (9 Vincent) put in to make the City Experience something our students embraced, enjoyed and learned so much from.

Ms Elizabeth O’Connell
In9uiry Coordinator

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