In9uiry — City Experience

Experiential learning in the City of Melbourne is alive and well thanks to the Year 9 students of De La Salle College.

During the past term, the Year 9 students have identified real-world issues in the city and have been researching these concerns. For the past two weeks, the students have surveyed, photographed and interviewed a host of people in different locations to add support to their research findings.

The variety of issues is fascinating and include investigating hostile architecture, how street art influences tourism in Melbourne, implications of homelessness and accessibility to different public places to name but a few. The Year 9 students have also participated in the Anzac Spirit program at the Shrine and explored homelessness with The Big Issue.

The students have engaged with all of the activities enthusiastically and are now involved in collating their information to create thorough reports which will be displayed at the Expo Evening on 28 June.

Ms Elizabeth O’Connell
In9uiry Coordinator

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