In9uiry — Year 9

In9uiry in Year 9 is all about experiential learning.

Our students are on a journey to develop their metacognitive abilities and become independent learners who formulate driving questions, lead their own research projects and engage with a world outside the four walls of the classroom. We are growing critical thinkers who look for solutions to real-world issues. Students work independently, researching, reflecting and building on their learning strengths to produce reports and presentations that have explored responses to these inquiries.

The first few weeks of school have seen the cohort investigate their own intelligences, with the intention of students understanding their personal strengths and metacognitive abilities. Understanding students’ own learning strengths is a key aspect of ensuring the project-based learning process is rigorous and effective.

The In9uiry team introduced the theory of multiple intelligences to the boys via an online test, which indicated which intelligences students were strong in, and which required more training. The cohort was then involved in several different workshops which explored a variety of intelligences. The images below show engagement with science, public speaking, logic and visual/spatial intelligences.

The next phase will see students facing the challenge of working in a multi-faceted intelligence group, creating authentic driving questions on their chosen topics, researching and presenting material that engages with a wide audience and responds to an interesting real-world issue.

For those wanting to find out more, this link explores Gardiner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

If you would like to explore your own intelligences, try this online test.

The In9uiry expo is 29 June — Year 9 parents, keep this date free!

Ms Elizabeth O’Connell
In9uiry Coordinator

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