The Year 9 program is diverse and offers students the ability to reflect using feedback and peer collaboration to improve personal and educational outcomes. By critiquing the work of others and their own, students develop self-awareness and self-management in order to understand the skills required of a life-long and independent learner.

One aspect of In9uiry in Year 9, is to develop the skill in our students of providing effective and actionable feedback to others and, in turn, listening to feedback from others to enhance our own work. This week the students have developed driving questions, seeking the advice and opinions of their classmates to enhance stimulating driving questions that will inform their research report. This is an integral part of the creation of an interesting, multi-dimensional City Experience project for the Expo evening on June 28.

We have been using the story of Austin’s butterfly and the power of peer review to help show the students what can be achieved when we carefully listen to our peers’ critique of our work and then use their feedback to develop what we originally produced. A key element to being open to any feedback is to first hear what we have done well. Then with an open mind, we listen to how our work might be enhanced.

Alongside the In9uiry program Lasallian Service also runs throughout the Year 9 program, with an expectation that students will volunteer their time for 17.5 hours over one term. Students are encouraged to work with those in our community who most need our help, reflecting the hope of our founder, St John Baptist de la Salle when he prayed:

Lord, set my heart aflame with love for you and my neighbour.

Almost half of the year level has committed to Lasallian Service this term, with students working with the elderly, the deaf, at special needs education centres and with little children. We are proud to have heard so many glowing reports about our young men and the work they are doing. Images of some students working with both ends of the age spectrum in our community are below.

Mrs Elizabeth O’Connell
In9uiry Coordinator

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