Language Students reach for Les Étoiles

The Languages Department at De La Salle College offers students a choice of Italian and French language studies. As part of these studies, our students are exposed to many different cultural and academic experiences. Our students have been especially active in their language studies this semester and are to be congratulated on their endeavours.

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.

Frank Smith

Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition

The Berthe Mouchette, run by the Alliance Française of Melbourne, is a prestigious state-wide competition which critiques students on their knowledge and delivery of a traditional or contemporary poem. This year, 34 students entered the competition and we are very proud to say that four of those students achieved ‘finalist’ status!

These students will now compete in the finals at the Alliance Française in St Kilda in July.


Our finalists are (pictured L to R):

  • Jovan Stefanoski — Year 10
  • Antony Valcanas – Year 10
  • Alex Carter — Year 10
  • Khai Pham –Year 9

We wish them all ‘bonne chance’ and thank them for their excellent preparation and commitment to their Language studies!

Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition

Our Italian students from Years 9–12 will also be involved in the annual Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition held at the University of Melbourne on Monday 25 June. Students have been working hard to perfect recitations of their poems, among which are excerpts from Dante’s Divine Comedy (La Divina Commedia). After the recitation, students will enjoy an Italian lunch in Lygon St, where they will also document and observe the Italo-Australian influence on the area. We wish our Italian students all the best…in bocca al lupo!

French Language Immersion to Bordeaux

Some of our lucky French students will be travelling to Bordeaux in September this year to participate in a cultural exchange with French students situated in Bordeaux. They will be enjoying and experiencing authentic French life living with their host families and will be further immersed through attending school with their French “brother” and being taken on cultural day trips by our own De La Salle College staff. Preparations are underway and both students and staff are looking forward to their French adventure!

Four of the boys from these host families will be staying with our French students next term and will be attending classes here at De La Salle College. It will be great to have them with us so If you see them around, please say “Bonjour”!

Avila and De La Salle College Pen Pals!

This inaugural collaboration with Avila College was a huge success. The Year 8 Avila students wrote letters to our Italian students in Italian and then awaited the boys’ reply! After much work and support from their Italian teachers, our students were able to send to Avila beautifully presented letters – which the girls were very excited to receive!

From the students’ perspective, the letter task contextualised their Italian language study. They were able to see how the Italian they studied in class had a context, which was that they were able to communicate with others, namely the girls at Avila!

I thank all the staff involved in this collaboration, especially Ms Anna Cornell from Avila College, as it both challenged and broadened our students’ knowledge and appreciation of the language they have been studying. Buon lavoro!

Looking forward to more exciting achievements and experiences next semester!

Viva le lingue! Vive les langues!

Mrs Grace Giudice
Learning Area Team Leader – Languages

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