Lasallian Staff Service Awards 2018

Mr Peppe Di Ciccio

This nominee is recognised first and foremost for his amazing levels of stamina and dedication to his students and his Learning Area. His reputation for working tirelessly for the success of his students is legendary. He is constantly, invariably approachable, giving selflessly of his time on their behalf.

With respect to the principle of Faith in the presence of God, when it’s his turn for staff prayer, this gentleman will often deliver a thought-provoking prayer, which indicates the depth to which he contemplates his relationship with God.

He is well known for the giving of his time equally to all. He has a keen sense of social justice, is troubled by inequities in the world and has taken many strides to do his bit to alleviate these. He was instrumental in establishing the Year 12 Social Justice Immersion program to India. He then either led or participated in three trips to India to support underprivileged Lasallian communities.

This nominee makes extensive OneNote documents to guide the students through their courses; he runs tutorials on a weekly basis and is tireless in his determination to know the course completely. He is well known for his willingness to be generous with his time to all students/members of staff equally. In his soccer team, everyone who signs up is given the chance to play at least once.

He is always available to help, with his colleagues able to contact him for help during evenings, weekends and holidays for assistance. For example, when a colleague left his wallet in a desk drawer at school our nominee happily collected it and took it to his colleague’s home to return it. A true gentleman. This nominee is our famous Science/Chemistry teacher and 2018 ACC Senior Soccer premiership coach, Mr Peppe Di Ciccio.

Mrs Georgina Dwyer

Over many years, this teacher has worked tirelessly to help our young men, not only in her Learning Area but in all aspects of their school life. She is a great support to her students and their faith life at school, actively encouraging her young men to participate in and contribute to liturgies. She spends a great deal of time thinking about and preparing prayer when it is her turn to lead the staff prayer at briefings. She has always actively supported the social justice initiatives of the College by attending many fundraising events over the years, promoting the various initiatives and volunteering to help with events such as the St Vinnies Winter Sleep Out.

This nominee is widely renowned as an excellent educator. She demonstrates to the students a great love for her subject areas and spends an immense amount of time preparing classes which are innovative. She challenges the young men to think and utilise their skills in the various tasks. She is generous with her time, spending many afternoons in the library coaching those who need help. She is always showing how determined she is to enable the young men in her care to achieve success in relation to their ability. She is a charismatic person who is always willing to work with other staff to develop and review curriculum, write rubrics and tasks and discuss a range of issues pertaining to both the academic and pastoral nature of education.

With students, this teacher is firm, yet fair in her dealings in the classroom. She creates a classroom atmosphere where it is expected that students will challenge themselves and make progress, yet for those who find concepts difficult, she shows exemplary patience and gives time to help these individuals to succeed as well. She is a fierce advocate for the College and the Lasallian education and frequently discusses the nature of our programs with those outside the community.

She is a friendly and caring person who always goes out of her way to help those around her. Nothing is too much trouble as she checks on those who are struggling, enjoys the banter of the staffroom and if she says she will do something, it is always done. I think you will agree the qualities outlined above all align very evenly with the Five Core Principles of a Lasallian education and we are indeed very fortunate to have a teacher who embodies, who lives these values every day of her life

Congratulations, Mrs Georgina Dwyer!

Mr Larry Evans

The main reason behind the nomination of this recipient of the Lasallian Service Award is his friendly approach and wonderful rapport with students and staff alike. As a maths and science teacher over many years at De La he has consistently, year in year out been a wonderful support for his students, and invariably loyal to the College.

He participates fully in all aspects of the school community including expressions of faith through masses, liturgies and support of various social justice initiatives the school runs, including supporting the Year 12 Coolies trip to work with disadvantaged schools in India.

His commitment to the Principle of a Quality Education is best demonstrated via his consistent approach to teaching. He is always willing to help his students and other staff, and always gives his all to supporting his colleagues, consistent with our Lasallian values of working together and by association. He is friendly and approachable at all times and makes significant contributions to the Learning Areas in which he works.

Finally, this teacher is perhaps best known in recent years for his amazing work with MAD. This is typical of his commitment to helping others and is very impressive indeed.

Congratulations to Mr Larry Evans on receiving the Lasallian Service Award.

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