Media Arts

Each student deserves congratulations for their efforts and commitment to creating their Year 12 Media Studies School Assessed Task (SAT).

There were a total of 18 films and two animations created, with students becoming the Director and Producer of their own finished media product.

As part of the process, the students have completed a Research Folio, Media Production Design Plan and two Production Exercises.

The process began in Term 1 and the final product was submitted in Term 3. The films were screened on Thursday 11 October in St Miguel Theatre.

Many students worked tirelessly to ensure their production schedule went to plan and then edited the film to ensure a seamless narrative.

The process of organising, scheduling, filming and coordinating crew and cast is an intensive task and each student worked really hard to realise their initial plan and concept.

Each film reflects their individual style and personal filming interests, with many students taking inspiration from film auteurs and reflecting conventions of specific genres in order to enthral their audience.

The winners on the night were:

  • Best Film – Heath McCullough
  • Best Script – Blair Hopkins
  • Best Director – Daniel Hart
  • Best Media Production Design – Billy Cooke
  • People’s Choice Award — Fletcher Bird

Congratulations to all our Media filmmakers, and to every student who performed in and assisted with their colleague’s productions. Bravo!

Ms Patrice McBean
Media and English Teacher 

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