Music Notes

Music tour 2018 – East Gippsland

Many years ago, while on the music tour, I met a music teacher at one of the primary school shows. She told me that when she was in primary school there was a high school band who came to perform. On that day, she heard a clarinet for the first time. She fell in love with the sound and that day was the kickstart for her musical journey. She told the story to our boys with the wonderful tagline of ‘you may never see the result of who you inspire’.

This year we knew who we inspired. His name is Enzo. After our show, his school captains thanked us and as is custom, everyone clapped and we thought we were done, but then Enzo put his hand up. “Thank you wasn’t enough”, he said to his teacher. Then Enzo stood up, he threw his arms out and said; “THAT WAS AMAZING… AMAZING!!!!!…” he sat down suddenly, overcome with emotion. Everyone cheered for him. It was difficult to hold back my own emotion at his pure love for the music. As it turned out he affected all of us, we were all blinking those tears away.

Music is THAT powerful.

We played eight shows as we toured local schools in East Gippsland. Many staff at the schools, commented that their students never have opportunities to see music up close. There were some pretty cool dance moves among our audiences, including some cracking conga lines set up by our De La Dance Troop (self-named and created on this tour). We met our musical goals and broke a record for set up, previously set at 8’36”, and in 2018 we smashed it. The fastest set up was 8’15”. Incredible!

It’s not hard work. 47 students, four days, eight shows. It sounds hard. It’s not. I am always grateful for the work that our students present. It’s a joy to be off campus, playing and singing together. To the wonderful conductors and private music teachers who guide our young musicians to reach their potential, I say thank you. To their parents, the investment you have made in them and their music is worth it.

If you would like to enjoy the repertoire from the music tour along with the junior ensembles, come along to the Annual Music concert on Wednesday 29 August in the PAC. You won’t be disappointed.

Ms Cindy Frost
Music Coordinator

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