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New Year 9 Campus – Opening 2019

In January 2019, De La Salle College will open a dedicated Year 9 Campus. The Holy Eucharist Campus will be located on the site of the former Holy Eucharist Primary School, at 1241 Dandenong Road, Malvern East. The campus, just over 5km from the Tiverton and Kinnoull Campuses, is well serviced by public transport and boasts large classrooms, a variety of learning spaces and ample recreation space.

Significant works beginning in September will bring the property up to the standard expected and required for a contemporary 21st century learning environment. The Year 9 Campus will be a clean, bright, inviting, modern and engaging setting and will represent a contemporary image, equipped with the facilities and resources to support the innovative curriculum.

The operational autonomy afforded by a dedicated Year 9 campus is imperative to providing a customised program for Year 9 students. Two key factors contribute to this — a site that is staffed by teachers committed to Year 9 and a timetable that is unconstrained by the limitations required at other year levels.

Mission Statement: The Year 9 program at De La Salle College is designed to be authentic, meaningful, purposeful and distinctive to Year 9 students. Through collaboration and inquiry, they lead their own learning.

Industry is increasingly requiring employees who demonstrate new skills such as critical thinking, creativity, metacognition, problem-solving, collaboration, motivation, self-efficacy, and perseverance. We are committed to the design and delivery of education programs, including assessment regimes that address the development of such skills in young people. These programs must acknowledge and support the various stages of social, emotional and physiological development of young men moving through adolescence.

The current climate at De La Salle is one of progression, development and innovation; working towards excellence in all areas of the College. De La Salle College’s vision, is to build on our traditions and all the strengths which have made De La Salle since 1912.

More detail about the Year 9 program will be released soon!

Some vacancy is available in the Year 9, 2019 cohort. Click here and complete our online enrolment information request form to learn more.

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