Nurturing student interests — a Year 7 Story

Year 7 Photography Intern — Mission Action Day 2018

Beyond the formal setting of a classroom, the teaching and non-teaching staff at De La Salle College are committed to nurturing student learning, initiative and interest in myriad ways. So when a student has a great idea, we try to run with it (no pun intended!).

Although he only joined the College in February, Year 7 student Lachlan Burnett had a few thoughts about how he could help the College by tapping into his interest in photography. The result was some great images from one of the big events on the De La calendar – Mission Action Day.

We asked Lachy to explain how he got interested in photography, and what he learnt from his day as a field photographer.

A few years ago for Christmas, my Mum and Dad put some money together to buy me a small point-and-shoot camera as a present. Ever since I have had a strong interest in photography and I take photos wherever I go. My Dad lives on a 68-acre farm which has been the perfect home for that camera, as it houses limitless photo spots.

I have been lucky enough to capture some dramatic events at my Dad’s farm. I also have an interest in cars and trains, so I capture images at places such as the Diamond Valley Miniature Railway in Eltham and the Mornington Railway in… well, Mornington.

These experiences prompted me to take my photography further, so one day I was talking to Dr Walsh about MAD and I wondered if I could take photos on the day. She suggested that I could do some photography for the school with the De La Communications Coordinator, Ms Hermione Gilchrist. One thing led to another and on the day Hermione introduced me to a few technical parts of photography, gave me a red Nikon camera and let me go to take photos.

I was very surprised with how many complicated things there are with technical photography. (And also how heavy a professional camera is!) All up, it was a very enjoyable experience and taught me a lot about cameras and photography.

Lachan Burnett, Year 7

Lachy’s Top Shots — A Gallery

This year, the students at De La Salle raised over $100,000 by participating in the Mission Action Day Walkathon. This money will support projects in Australia and overseas which seek to engage marginalised and disadvantaged members of our global community. Some of Lachy’s photographs which are featured here will also be put on display in the Year 7 building.

Dr Melissa Walsh
Year 7 Coordinator

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