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Selling and buying second-hand textbooks for 2019

If you are interested in buying or selling second-hand textbooks for 2019 you can do so through the Sustainable School Shop. Click here to access flyer on how to register, buy and sell.

2019 Year Level Representatives

We are still appealing for parents who will act as Year Level Representatives in 2019. The focus for the Parent Network in 2019 will be to build a sense of community throughout De La Salle College, and the Year Level ‘Reps’ will be critical to achieving this objective.

Being a Year Level Rep is extremely rewarding and very simple. You will be asked to reach out to the parents in your chosen year level, organise small gatherings for them and be a key contact point for any whole school functions. Our Year Level Rep Coordinator, Mrs Sharon Herdman, will assist and support you throughout the year. If you are interested in becoming involved with our great team as a Year Level Rep please email your details to

Ms Meagan Selkirk
President, Parent Network Committee

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