Performing Arts Notes

Legally Blonde — the Musical

The fourth co-production between OLSH and De La Salle was the fabulously fun Legally Blonde, the Musical. A veritable army of people, staff and students, have worked on the show for the past two terms and more. It has been a challenge on almost every level with its energy and colour, fabulous characters and music, and frenetic plot, but the ride has been worthwhile and I believe together we created something extraordinary.

My thanks to the Principals of both schools, Ms Anne O’Loughlin and Mr Peter Houlihan, for their constant and unstinting support. Ms Kelly Williams as Musical Director, Ms Julie Freeman-Smith and Ms Megan Donahue as Producers, Ms Stephanie Hill who trained the singers and our wonderful choreographers, Ms Tasha Esteves and Miss Olivia Wenczel all deserve the highest praise for their efforts. Mr Bryan Smith has been his usual, steadfast and energetic contributor to all our preparations. I would also like to mention Mr Ryan Hayward for his stalwart efforts at scenery painting. Miss Sharni Folland was always there when needed most and I am very grateful to her. There are, as I said, so many to thank and I am grateful for every contribution others have made.

The show itself is a non-stop rollercoaster of great music, plot and characters. All students involved worked very hard to produce something special. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Mr Andrew Murrell
Drama Coordinator

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