Sustainability at De La Salle

The College has recently installed an extensive photovoltaic solar power generation system onto rooftops across the Kinnoull campus.

Three hundred and five 325 Watt panels are now installed on all roof surfaces (except Saint Miguel Theatre). Most face north however, there are some facing west to harvest the afternoon sun.

The new system is a 99.125 kWh system which is enough power to replace the equivalent of approximately two months of total power consumption for the school (on average), and equate to $21,452 off our annual power bills. The new system will go live later in June 2018 when United Energy connect us to the grid.

The College had earlier invested in LED lighting right across both campuses, mainly over the last Christmas Holidays. There are some additional fittings being changed out on 15 June. Overall this has contributed to a power consumption reduction over the last 4 months of 51,000 kWh (approximately 12,750 kWh per month) up to 1 June 2018 compared to the same period in 2017. This is equivalent to one month’s consumption under the old lights and equates to a 25% reduction in overall power consumption with the advent of LED.

De La Salle also recently converted all of the chemicals used in the daily maintenance and cleaning of the College to green versions and were awarded the Hunter Green certificate of compliance.

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